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    Do you look in the mirror once you rise from the bed? Why?

    Early morning, after getting up from the bed, we have the habit of looking in the mirror first so as to set right our looks before going out of the room. Invariably we look at the mirror many a times in the day for many reasons. Especially the ladies are more concerned about their appearance than the men. What do you observe when you see yourself in the mirror for the first time in the morning? And, why do we generally have the tendency to look at ourselves in the mirror as we rise from the bed?
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    A mirror will tell you about your physical appearance. Many people see at the mirror to find out where they have to do some changes so that they will appear better. Like many other people, I will also look at the mirror, after getting up and offering salutations to God. I dress my hair with a comb and then start the other activities. Again in the evening after my evening bath, I look at a mirror and comb my hair again. In between, there is no necessity for me to go to a mirror.
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    Everyone likes to see themselves in the mirror whether it is in the morning or at any time, many people, while talking, often see the mirror whether their expression is correct or not. As far as the morning question is concerned, there is a belief that one should not see one's own face as soon as the eyes are opened. Beginning of the day, first of all, meditate on your Ishta Devta and see him. There is a belief behind this that there are different types of expressions on a person's face, which also changes your emotions. But God looks at you in a senseless way and you also see them in a way that awakens a positive feeling in the mind. We like ourselves and want our appearance to be good in front of others too, that's why Mirror likes to watch more.
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    I have heard a lot if people say that they saw that person face in the morning and that is why this happened. It is mostly in negative sense. So I have made it a habit to look at my face in the mirror in the morning so that I don't have to blame someone else if something goes wrong with me.

    I am to blame for what I am and the people around me have a role but heir face is not one of them.

    I really don't look for anything on my face but only try to figure out if my sleep is complete by the freshness on my face, if not then I immediately splash cold water to wake me up properly.

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    These are all practices of some, why some, more people when rising from bed in the morning.
    Many people keep a big mirror by their bed side. Some big bedrooms there is a big size mirror near the bed is kept. Some people hang pictures of Interested God before their bed. It is simple to see our own palm by holding both palms together. There is a slogam also for this in samskrit. That is,
    KaraagrE vasate Lakshmi, kara madhye saraswathi, kara moole sthitha gowri, mangalam kara darshanam. Which means all three Gods are in our palm and the vision of them leads good on the whole day.

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    I think we do it as a habit and just arrange our hairs and straiten them with our hands or comb and it is just a few seconds that we do it to see ourselves and be happy before starting the daily routine. It is so spontaneous that assigning a reason to it is difficult.
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