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    Be good to others surely they will not ignore your for life

    People get annoyed, get in to fighting mood, think like having permanent cut off from the friendship when we try to ignore them for one reason or the other. Many of our friends are attention seekers and they keep on trying their acts to please us to say some good words about their works and actions. When we always says good about them, they like us very much and they would never ignore for the life. We need not pamper at the outset, but say the criticism in most polished way so that they do not get hurt and at the same time have scope for corrections.
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    True. We should be good to others. We should always appreciate them for their achievements. We should prize them for their success whether it is small or big. Then people will be happy with you and remember you always. But if you tell them fact s in a straight way they may not be able to digest and they may think that you are not feeling happy and you are jealous of their growth. So we should be a little polished and tell their shortcomings indirectly. But one point we should remember is that a person who makes us realise our mistakes is a well-wisher of us. But we always think that he is unnecessarily pointg out us.
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    Our good behavior reflects our good character, so you should treat others as you expect from others. Bring sweetness in speech, if someone is speaking, do not cut it in between, do not let him speak, then after that, you speak. It is bad to condemn others, it is bad to think evil of others, give proper advice to people, praise their actions, appreciate their help, and the first look at yourself, consider yourself a lame one and take them away. Do not praise yourself with your mouth. It is a religion to follow good habits. Only those with good behavior are considered civilized. The decent behavior of decent men is called courtesy.
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    Yes, the manner of talking is important. We have seen many people in our lives when someone even for the minor issues, one would resort to path of heavy criticism. Though such a version could have been amended with the slight alteration of the language. It is interesting to note that some people are the habitual critics and they don't mind for the words they are using to hurt the other party. If you utter in the similar way, they would not tolerate it and they can come forward for fighting. In fact, sometimes there is no solution to come out from such phases, if you don't utter even if the party is taunting you, their behaviour will then be more aggressive. They would not appreciate your stand that you would not like a further argument in the same topic . You want to hush it up. If you react with the harsh comment of the other party, you are inviting animosity. Hence the situation becomes sometimes ticklish.

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    Really a gem of word. When I was in third year of my B.Com, I took the text books from college library in the influence of my uncle. For us the subjects like Costing, Income Tax, Auditing and Law were taken by professionals from outside as guest lecturers. Auditor Shri Peri Thiagarajan was taken the subject of Auditing and Special Accounts to us. On the very first day, the auditor told that everybody should possess own book of Auditing and not to share with others as the subject was main one for the degree and he told to go out those who do not possess own book. But I was sitting with the library book under presumption that I could hold the book for entire year with special permission and so that it was my book for that year. He starting the class and casually noted my book as library book. He got angry and asked me to get out of the class. Felt ashamed I went out and told my uncle about this. He (who also a lecturer in the college) immediately asked me to explain the same to the auditor lecturer with excuse. I went back to the college for afternoon session. In the after noon the same lecturer was having special account class. I went to the staff room, met him and explain the situation that the library book which I can hold for the whole year without interruption. He without saying anything gave fifteen rupees from his packet and told to buy a book with that money. I told that my uncle gave the money already. He told that the punishment of sending out given to me was not telling the fact earlier and the money gave to me by the auditor for sending me out though I have the book. I told him that I would return the money on the next day. He further told me not to give back the money instead I should help in future to any needy student/s. Till now I am keeping that book on remembrance of him. Similar opportunity came to me to offer my help to a poor student who casually asked me about a costing book, I gave my book to him.

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    Keeping cool and control ones temperament is a thing that comes with great practice. Normally people are ready to fight and quarrel on small matters. Instead of wasting energy in such petty conflicts it is better to help others by monetary or other ways like teaching a poor boy etc.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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