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    Do we really need to work hard?

    You might be thinking whether something has gone wrong with me. It's not like that and it is also not a discussion on hard work and smart work. We are very much used to hear many similar terms like 'There is no alternative to hard work', or 'Hard work is the only way to success'. We advise others about the importance of working hard and cite examples of people where they have suffered some kind of pain to gain a foothold anywhere. It's true that you need to work a lot to achieve anything and there is no denying about that but the question is how hard you need to work to reach your target. Working hard is associated with some kind of pain or suffering that may be mental and physical. If I ask you to give some examples of hard work you did you may list out some works with the amount of pain associated to carry out the works. Now consider the works you enjoy the most. It can be anything ranging from your professional activities, hobbies or household work. You may have continued working on those activities uninterruptedly without even food or a good sleep for a couple of days and never felt the hunger or a need to rest. The excitement kept you moving to finish your job and you never felt the pain. Now if you never felt the pain to carry out any tough task can you say you worked very hard? You completed the task with a smile and immensely enjoyed what you did. So rather than working very hard by enduring some pain, engage with something that you enjoy the most. Then you don't need to work hard at all. It will just be a nice flow.
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    To be successful, one need to work hard with initiate and interest. Just working hard won't be enough. It should be done with good initiative, zeal and interest. Recently, I have gone through a message in which a poor guy who helped a woman selling idlies on the street. His interest, initiative and hard work has lead him to become a great idly makers of the world. He has invented varieties of idlies, and earned name and fame to his credit.
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    Right, hard work is the only way to success. Nothing can be achieved without seriously working on things that you wish to achieve. Actually, it is the passion that drives you to thrive in your pursuit. It is the passion that you work hard, enjoy doing and achieve despite some pain associated with the work. When a person does a work that he enjoys doing, his goal becomes easy to gain.

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    Whenever a person tries to become successful, a question arises in front of him, who needs more luck or hard work. Some people get success without doing anything because of luck, such people do not understand the importance of hard work in life. Also, understand the importance of hard work in life. Luck is not necessary to support you every time, but by working hard you can get anything in life. So let us tell you what you need luck or hard work to become successful. Hard work encourages people: When a person succeeds because of hard work, you become an example to others.
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    We have to concentrate and focus on the work we are doing and work seriously on that problem to achieve the desired result. There is no second thought about it. But how you take it is the point. If you work and feel that you are sufferu=ing a lot physically andmentally, then really you are working hard and you require a break. But if you work on the subject with a lot of liking for the task and if you work on with a love to reach the end result, then you may not feel it as hard work and you will forget the pain when the desired result is in your hand.
    Some people do their jobs as a compulsion even though they are not liking the job. Those people will have the feeling that they are working hard . But their mentally suffering will be more than the physical work as they have to convince their mind to concentrate on the work that is going on. That is we say that our kids should begiven a free hand to select their subject of study. If they have a liking for that subject they will read the subject with pleasure and will never get bores.

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    Our main target is to achieve the result through the hard work and this requires single minded devotion. A prudent planning alone will help us to a considerable extent and then the job is to be carried out as per planning. Sometimes, sticking to the job schedule may be monotonous and strenuous but deviating from the job for some reason or the other will spoil the hard work earlier done on that project. It would be altogether a different preposition if a serous thinking over the completion of the work is being thought during the break. Review of the work in between is essential so as to get the same miraculously. Rethinking, Reviewing and slight modification of the earlier planning are the essential components while doing the job but by doing so the end result will be excellent.
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    If a work is done regularly, we get proficient over it and the output would be more in the little time and we also crack the short cut method of doing things and even try multi tasking to complete many works. In that case our work output would increase and performance chance grows up. This is also called the hard work in the sense that we are not forgetting our target responsibility and also doing other things fast and achieving the targets with ease. So once we tend to do the same work, we never get bored and the work would be finished soon even without pressure from others. For example when I joined this site my typing speed was very slow and in fact I was typing one letter after other. But now my typing speed is very fast and without mistakes too and that proves I have acquired the proficiency of typing fast and the output is great.
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    There is no substitute for hard work. Only thing is if it is in the line of one's interest and liking then it is a matter of great happiness also. Very few people on this Earth are so lucky to get the job or work of their choice. Most of us are trapped in the complexities of making a living and charting a career and in that pursuit simply forget our interests and likings as other priorities come in our lives. So, theoretically doing a job of one's liking and interest is the ideal situation one would like to have but there are practical considerations which might not let that happen in ones life.
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