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    Do you have a single DOB or two DOBs?

    Unlike the present days, in the past decades (prior to sixties) people never valued their Date of Birth. While their actual date of birth would not be recorded and kept. They simply tell an approximate date of their birth. When they get admission to school, the person registering the child would write an approximate date looking at the child and rough age uttered by the parents. However, the parents ensure to have a horoscope of their child quoting the month and day in their regional languages which won't match with the DOB written in the child's school documents.

    Thus, every oldie is likely to have two DOBs, one actual and one documented.

    Many old people (other than government servant) who wanted to have their Aadhaar card did not know their date of birth. They had given a rough date of birth to meet the requirement.

    Do you have a single DOB or dual DOB? What is the reason.

    Is it a crime to maintain Two DOB's? One official and the other unofficial. It is not due to the individuals fault. It is purely the fault of their parents for not ensuring the DOB at the time of school admission.
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    One can only have one DOB. How do you know when you were actually born? Is it even possible for anyone to know on which date and on which time the person is born? We know it only from our parents and parents have the option to verify it from various sources but we only need to rely on what we were told. Better not to think about the DOBs. It's just a proof but an important one and I hope people only have one official document to prove the DOB. One may have multiple unofficial things but only the official one is valid and granted.

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    People born before 1970 normally two DOB as they have given approximate DOB while admitting in school as there was no insistence of proof. Accordingly my DOB as per certificate differs from original. Besides this we celebrate birth day according to star and tamil month. But nowadays many have only one as per birth certificate.

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    After 1970s, DOB certificate issued by the Municipality or Corporation or Taluk office had become a necessity to get admission in schools. No Birth certificate No admission. Hence, everyone has only one birth certificate with one date of birth.
    My parent's horoscope is written on palm leaves with iron writing nail( Ezhuthaani) in Tamil that I cannot read and understand. With the modern conversion facility available on the net to convert the dates, I could manage to get his real date of birth. Even my horoscope is written in Tamil. I too have two different date of births with a difference of six months.

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    I am having the single date of birth and that is duly recorded and having the copy of birth certificate in my possession. I was born at the Ronald Ross Red cross hospitals and they issued the birth certificate which is still available with me. I do understand that most of the people does not record the date and time of their children birth and thus miss out the certificate of birth and they also unable to have the exact horoscope of the child when he or she grows up owning to non remembrance of exact time and date of birth. During those days many got the government jobs so easily without submitting the proof of the date of birth and thus I remember many availed the government salaries even after their original retirement age which already surpassed. Anyway at least the present generation have the compulsion to record and keep the DOB.
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    My date of birth is the same in all the records and it is the original date of birth only. When I appeared for SSC examinations, my age was less by six months than the minimum prescribed age. Then we applied for an exemption and I got it. In our school, like me, one more student was there and he was also given exemption. My father is having the habit of recording all important events in a book. He has written time, date, month and year of birth of all our brothers and sisters. So there is no confusion
    As mentioned by the author I know many people who are having two DOBs. One official and the other original. They maintain that because of many reasons.

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    It is very true that about 50 years back and before, no one bothered for the date of birth. It was only required at the time of the admission to class 1 as the school teacher asked the age of the child. Most of the parents answered that age is 4 years or 5 years or whatever it was in their mind as they did not remember the exact date. So the school teacher himself suggested many times that alright the boy seems almost 5 years and so he writes 5 years and some date of birth as approximately told by the parent or guardian or some relative who has gone to school for admitting the child. Later the parents find that the real date is different what has been registered but that was immaterial at that time as it did not have any consequence. The school date remained in records throughout our career and that is the official date of most of us and we got our retirement according to that only. So that is reflecting in all our identity cards/ driving license etc and whatever the real date is there, it has no official significance except that one can have his or her birthday rightly on that day if one thinks so.
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    This was quite an occurence back then, but now with so many verification certificates present including a nationwide ID and the adhaar, we ll now have only one DOB. As data collection and survillence continues to increase in our society, we have everything today on record. Furthermore in the future all your digital traces may be used to create an online identity, a sort of biodata telling the interested parties who you are. As rightly said by the members in the yesteryears no one bothered except for a voter id and the matriculation or degree certificate not much was necessary. Im pretty much sure many elderly members of our society may or may not even know their DOB, as it was not deemed necessary once upon a time. No SuN it was no one s fault in those days many folks were nt even aware of such things as education in many communities did not exist. However I do criticize the government of that time for not taking proper steps in order to maintain an official doc during that period. Again the official census itself was taken many years later after the independence [ correct me if I m wrong]. It s really not necessary as many members of that period are elderly. Unless for health reasons or pension an approximate DOB will do.

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    I do not have the hassle of having multiple number of DOBs as some people have mentioned. I have one DOB and that reflects in my educational records and my parents also told me that it was the only DOB for me. So, I have no confusion or hassle in that matter.
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    My date of birth is same on my all certificates and all indenty cards. My horoscope was also created and it has the same date of birth. I have never face any kind of issue like the two DOB, but yes, their are some people who faced this problem. DOB is very important in many form in our life so it should not be wrong in any maaner.
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    Open minded and frank people would admit that they have two different DOBs one as per their horoscope and the another as per the school documents. They would use their documented DOB for all official purposes, but may celebrate their actual birthday within the family. Outside the home, we should be firm with our documented birthday only, It is the problem with oldies born before 1960/70 only. They must be old and retired or died. There is no question of two DOBs for people born after 1970.
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