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    The government consistently bring the new autocratic bills.

    Democracy is a structure that moves over the ideology to seek everyone's view with full rationality and also seek the capacity building of the people to put more views. The government of the day thinks otherwise though. The consistency with which the government passed many bills or acts like 370, demonetization, lockdown, and now the farmer bill. The one-sided decision without following the due process of discussion is now the normal activities of the government. Stating the big decision wrapped under the so-called revolutionary after-effects, the government has checked every box with this tactic.
    The 15 percent of farmers sell their produce in the APMC mandi so on average they are already selling their produce to private players like retailers but to dismantle the state sovereignty and federal character the senseless amendments are made to support the private players furthermore.
    These private players can now stock up the commodity and can manipulate the market for gaining high margins. The government tried to veil the amendment by the comment that the farmers would be able to sell their produce anywhere. But no one was stopping them before too. The government instead bypassing APMC, should have made the government structure stronger and have tried to increase the outlets to have the farmers sell their produce at MSP. The middlemen would now be the private players again for sure as claimed by the government to be none.
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    Really it is sad to see, the opposition is fully desisting the bill, the government side has no clear majority in RS, even some of the NDA alliance are against the bill, the deputy chairman forcefully passed the bill by voice vote. There is no proper discussion about the issue and the proper amendments were not discussed and the government buldozed democratic norms and passed the bill. The party who fought for healthy democratic norms and government regulations for years together is ranking far below Congress at present. Definitely it pay heavily for its faults in the days to come.

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    I would say that things are moving well with the present government. People might criticize demonetization, GST etc. But I fully support the government's decision. Farm bill is also the same and would be successfull. It is the opposition who always cry and criticize each and every proposal of the government. This is a routine affair, and will go on and on.
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    I would to clarify the author that when far reaching reforms are initiated for the wholesome benefit of the particular sector, people do not understand the actual benefit and try to follow the dissent note initiated by the vested interest. For the past 70 years the farmers have been under the shackles and control of middle man. The farmer works very hard from tilling to the reaping of the produce and when it comes to selling and getting profits he was prevented and prevailed upon by the middle man at the so called APMC yards just to milk out their commission and never calculated the profit and loss account of the farmers. Now this bill would give freedom for the farmer to decide the price., to decide the place as where to sell and he can also decide to withhold the produce to sell in future date when the rates are good and favorable.
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    The topic may be discussed in this thread on the Agriculture Bill.
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