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    Few points to keep in mind while submitting institutes

    Hi Everyone. This is regarding submitting posts for the new institute section. It is nice to see that some of you have taken to posting institutes in a big way. We have some new members too, who are also contributing to the section, notwithstanding that they are very new to ISC. A few points I will like to mention here, which if followed by you can make our task as editors very easy while reviewing these institute posts. The points are as follows.

    1. See to it that you do not post regular colleges in the institute section. We had a couple of such posts that we had to unfortunately delete. Regular colleges to be posted in the college section itself.

    2. While submitting courses, see to it that you do not use the course name as course group. While courses could have different names, try to band all similar kind of courses into one single group. For example, all courses related to photography can be put in one group namely, 'photography'. Similarly, for all courses on fashion, put them in 'fashion design'. All courses on music, musical instruments and even vocals can be banded into one group, say 'music'. Follow likewise for all such courses. This way our institute page will be clutter-free and there won't be any duplicacy of course groups.

    3. Please ensure that no copied content is posted in the courses. We had a few cases, where again unfortunately, we had to delete the posts.

    Hope, I could get my point across to you all. In case of any doubt, please feel free to post them here.
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    Thanks for clarifying. I was also getting confused in distinguishing the academic traditional courses with the training courses as there is a good overlap there. Many institutions are providing both in different ways. The nomenclature is being adopted by them as it suits and that is sometimes creating confusion. I agree and understand that we have to present the training courses and training institutions in their real Avatar and not the replica of colleges and universities for the usual BA, BSc, MA, MSc, BCom, MCom, LLB, MBA, BBA and likewise courses.
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    I need some clarifications regarding the copied contents, as mentioned in point 3, in the Courses conducted by various institutes.

    Let me specify how I am writing about the courses. In many of the Courses, I begin with 'In this course, the students will learn Module/Topic1, Module/Topic2, Module/Topic3......etc' where the Module/Topic is exactly the same which is mentioned in the website of the Institute. If anything is mentioned in the website about the career prospects after completion of the course I am adding a line about it otherwise, I am not writing anything other than the Topics covered in the Course. Is this a copied content? If yes, then I would like to know what are the methods to follow while writing about the Courses.


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    Good information from the author and many doubts are getting clarified. The main issue is that the information should be original and it should not have been published elsewhere. But these organisations publish all the information about their organisations somewhere or the other. As such we may have to give same information but it will be written differently. Sentences from there will not be copied. Is it acceptable or not? I like to get some clarification on this point from the Lead Editor and author of this post. That clarification will help a lot to many members.
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    Yes Sankalan and Dr NV Srinivasa Rao, as far as copied content is concerned the guidelines are same as in other sections. As in the other sections, you can seek information from anywhere you want. Just see that the wordings are your own and not directly copied from the other site. Also, do not begin with the same wordings for every course. Try to keep them different as far as possible.
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    Thank you, Dhruv for the clarifications.
    I have another issue that I forgot to mention earlier. While adding a new course if the course fee is mentioned, I am giving it in the particular field named Fees. But when I am saving the course, the Fees are not shown during the first time. If I again edit the course and put the fees in the same format then only it is shown. I am mentioning the Fees in the format 'Rs XXXX.00'. Please let me know why this is happening or whether I need to change the format.


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    Sankalan, you may change the format and check. If the problem is still there, I will ask Tony Sir's help.
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