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    How do you vent out your anger?

    Many times we get angry at some person but are compelled to withhold our anger and not vent it out due to situation or place. When we hold back our anger it harms us only and for the same reason it must be expressed in some other form.

    Anger is also an energy and it should be either expressed or transformed into something else.

    Some people vent out their anger by crying, some by shouting, some by punching a pillow and some by meditating. There may be many ways depending upon the person.

    Now, how do you vent out your anger when it is has been held back due to some unavoidable situations and not expressed at the person it should have been.
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    By the way, I have a little calm tendency, so I rarely get angry, Still, if I get angry at someone who is someone of my own, with whom I have spent some happy time, at that time to control my anger, I remove my mind from there and go there when I have had a happy time with that person. By doing this, your mind becomes calmer. Sometimes if my mood is bad or I do not feel anything good then I do not be alone at all, but sitting with my family and watching TV or a movie after doing this, the mood also gets better and I spend time with the family too. Anger is a basic emotion of human nature we just need to maintain it so it an not harm to others and ourselves.
    Swati Sharma

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    I would simply smile and forget it. Nothing can be better than this to vent out our anger.
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    I will try to get the mind diverted to a different topic which is more interesting. If I have time I will go to my room and start reading a book which is very interesting. I used to prefer detective books earlier when I was in my 30s and 40s. Initially, a little difficult to concentrate but after completing 3 or 4 pages we will completely get into the book and our mind will become active on this subject. We will forget about the issue which made us angry and slowly our anger will dye down. These days I started playing with my granddaughters. They will entertain me a lot and make me to forget the anger. This is what I am doing these days.
    Sometimes I will reserve the anger on a particular person and when he approaches for some work or facvour and I will tell him how he/ she annoyed me and how much anger I was having on him. Once I tell him the reason, my anger will go down on that particular person . This attitude I have shown on many of colleagues in the office. But this requires a little patience and we should be able to wait for a correct time.

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    According to me it is better not to have anger in our mind at any situation. This can be done only when we think the other person who made us to angry are either innocent or ignorant or wantonly made us to anger. If we keep this in our mind we will not anger on them. I saw in a house where in their daughter in law do all resisting work in the house when her husband is not in the house as to make the Father in law or Mother in law to point out her mistake. Without knowing her tactics, pointed out the same and she made problem when the husband came back. Later one day they noticed, not pointed out her mistake but before her husband she corrected everything well by her own. By noticing this they realized that she did everything with a motto of creating dispute, then onward they act as not noticed anything.
    Similarly the angry will not in us when we move on unnoticed.

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    Normally I am amicable to suggestions and adjustments and give credence to others hard work and respect their life very much. But when the things are ought to go in smooth way, some create the problems of the sequence and thus the work gets affected and naturally anger would come out instantly. But we control the anger because we cannot vent the same on the people we like most. For example I like my daughter more than the son and that does not mean I given more leverage to her to vent her freedom and does not control her. But when venting anger against my daughter it would be sober way as a friend and not as a father. when it comes to my son also I behave like a friend and try to please him with best example as to how to change his attitude. For others my anger as no limits and they know if I shout they would get irritated.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Anger is not going to help you whether you express it or not. It is an emotional state which must be kept under control. I think this control comes by practice and a lot of realization is required to stop this anger in various situations. I prefer to leave the place if the situation or some people are annoying. I wouldn't say that everytime I successfully manage it without expressing my anger but I am practising to control myself in those situations. The thing is somebody is making me angry. Since, I cannot control the activities or feelings of others it is better to control myself to avoid any confrontation.

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    Anger is a spontaneous reaction to something which we do not like. It is complex outcome of many of our emotions and underlying grudges against a person. We may become angry with a person on some petty matter but might tolerate the major offences from others without making our anger conspicuous. So, manifestation of the anger is not only circumstantial but also person related. Due to these variations our anger venting changes from time to time and though sometimes we immediately react and settle the score at that instant only but many times we have to keep quite and vent it somewhere else in other activities. The first is the easier way which many of us might be following while the latter requires patience, control on oneself, and high degree of discipline. Few people have that type of qualities in managing anger.
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