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    When you get something for free, then remember you are the product.

    There is nothing called free lunch and if you are getting something for free then remember that you are the product if, you are getting a free product or a service.

    When you get a free product while you purchase something then, mostly it happens that you are purchasing more than required. For example, you went to buy a pack of bisquit but on the counter you saw an offer, buy 3 get 1 free. Now instead of buying 1 product you took 3 in order to get 1 free pack. Here you paid and will now consume more than needed.

    Similarly in case of services you get similar offers. For example, get you car serviced at this workshop and get car wash for free.

    Again, in case of apps you get most of the apps for free but in turn you have to give the app all the permission to collect your data and location, which can later be used by the company to target you to sell something or sell the data collected from you and others to another company for selling their products or services to you.

    It simply seems as business promotion but in reality a person becomes the product for the companies selling their products and services to you.
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    I completly agree with the author. Nothing in this world will come free. You have to pay for it in cash or kind.
    Once a Real Estate person approached me and told me that he will give me land at a cheaper price. I thought about why this gentleman is offering me a special discount. Then he himself told me that he will go use my name with the employees who are all working with me in the Organisations as they will get interested in purchasing the product. But I have not taken his offer as I don't have money at that time and also I don't want to become a stock for advertiesement.
    By giving some offers companies are making us to purchase more than what we require and that is how they are improving turnover and net profit on their business. No person will sell you a product for a loss. This is the rule and you never think that somebody is giving something free.

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    It is the great marketing technique being used since ages that anything given free would have the special attention of the buyer. What I have observed that those items which are given in offer as free is likely to lose the expiry date sooner or later. The other day I had been to the famous branded medical shop chain and found that body soaps of a famed brand were offered 4 pieces for just 100. And I know the original price of the famed brand per piece is 33 per piece. But on close scrutiny I found that the expiry date is about to expire within few days. So they are giving this offer. When I questioned, the shop owner said that it is for us to decide whether to go for such offer or buy pieces of the same product as when required. So this is amply evident that nothing comes free for us and if at all they are selling at less price means they want to get rid of loss making products.
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    Selling a commodity is an art and marketing people have to devise newer ways of achieving it. The bottom line of a company is determined by the sales only and until sales pick up no company can flourish. So, the companies will resort to all the tactics and measures for increasing sale. For example they would announce that if you buy 4 numbers of an item the fifth would be free. So company would be now selling at a lower rate but volume would pick up and volume of sales is the most important thing in any business. If volume is high even a low margin would make profit for the company. The customers are always attracted to these type of announcement and when they enter the shop, first thing they ask is if there is any such scheme going on.
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    These are all selling gimmicks by companies and many times there are promotional schemes also. The companies which manufacture high consumption items like household items of daily use like detergent and soap, sometimes aggressively market for these to gain the confidence of the consumers and offer irresistible items with their big packs of 5 Kg or 10 Kg - like giving a good plastic tub with it and people rush for them.
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