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    Do you speak while talking to yourself ?

    Many people talk with themselves, Usually, we start questioning ourselves by thinking about a subject, but some people have a habit of talking to themselves. They talks to themself every day. Sometimes you must have noticed, that they also keep bubbling some. In such a viewer, it may look like a sign of abnormality or madness, it can feel strange when we start talking loudly to ourselves in public. But its very common when we talk to ourselves in our mind. Have you ever really tried to know whether talking to yourself is normal or abnormal? Many psychiatrists believe that it is absolutely normal. The habit of talking to oneself is not a sign of mental illness or abnormality. Many normal people also speak while talking to themselves.
    Do you also know people who speak while talking to themselves and they are normal?
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    No. I have never seen people who speak out when they talk to themselves. Almost all people will be talking to themselves inside and they may be discussing inside the works they are having on hand or the works they may have to do in the next couple of days. This is a natural issue only. But this talk will be a silent talk only and no other person can hear this. Some people will have a habit of murmuring. They will be uttering something very slowly and we can't understand clearly what they are talking. When we ask them about it, they may say nothing.
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    Our thought process always running in the mind regarding the issues and matters on hand which certainly make us to bother much. Sometimes people have the habit of rewinding their old bad experience to which they failed to react in time and now they would rehearse the same for having forgotten to do the act then. Normally people after 60 years have the feeling that they should have consulted by the young ones before starting any work and that matter keep on bother them. So they try to blabber in front of others silently but sometimes we can hear their voice of discontent on the matter. When we ask them what was their problems and why they are talking on their own, they would refuse to divulge any detail and simply put the ignorance face. But we can read their face as they need some matters to be heard urgently.
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