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    Do not allow your body to become the home of diseases.

    Nowadays technological development has helped in finding a cure for diseases and on the other hand, this technology has also promoted the illusion of diseases among people. You believe all over yourself about diseases and just after a sneeze, you start getting upset by collecting all the facts related to that sneeze from Google. And many times you make that sneeze a disease.

    It is good to keep information and be careful, but it is not right to scare oneself and bring various illusions in mind during caution.

    Science also believes that a person whose mental strength is stronger, will recovers quickly, but the effect of the drug would be slow for a scared and confused person.

    Today, when the outbreak of Corona epidemic is increasing in the world, there is a great need at this time, we should all strengthen our inner power. So that our inner power along with medicine can help us in ending this epidemic.
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    Correct. Knowing a little about something will never make you an expert in that subject. So by seeing in Google and thinking that you know well about the various health issues is never a good trait. Let the diagnosis be done by a qualified doctor and act as per his suggestion.
    A friend of mine got a little fever and a slight cough, He thought it is due to Corona and gave sample for testing. But He started worrying about the problem and he himself presumed that he is going to die. It took three days for the results to come and he died of a heart attack. After his death, the report came and it is not corona. Here his half knowledge about the virus made him to die.
    It is correct that we should not assume something with one or two symptoms and we should not feel that we are sick. If a problem is there, contact a doctor and take his advise and follow. Don't go by your own ways of treatment.

    always confident

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    Knowing about the diseases or detecting a disease in our body at the early stage is always important and we should start taking the treatment. Normally the BP and diabetic is detected at the early stage itself and we take care of the spread by taking the medicines regularly so that the control is maintained. Some people are always of afraid of going to the doctor and being admitted for the long days so they do not want to get tested for any disease and it spreads inside the body silently. Especially the diseases related to the lungs and liver has to be tested and detected before it spreads and I am also against those who does not care for their eye test regularly and keep on using the same old specs and ultimately when the situation gets aggravated they chance the power of the glass and feel the comfort of good sight.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A strong mind is a pre-requisite for survival. A weak and confused mind can invite problems of varied dimensions. When our body becomes infected or weak then it gets ailment but fearing from them and becoming too much worried would make the things worse. That is why in our ancient curing system a lot of emphasis is given on certain measures that make us tough and resistant to the diseases. Yoga, Pranayam, Physical work etc are recommended to keep ourselves much composed not only for physical integrity but also for the mental health. For a healthy life both are required to be properly tuned up.
    Knowledge is power.

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