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    Is Corona giving lesson to all of us?

    is Corona giving lesson to all of us? This year lot of big peoples died and our economy is going down. We can say world economy being down due to less activity in the market. Lot of people left eating non veg food and became pure vegetarian ,eggs and meat market also down and cheap prices.

    Lots of people are now jobless, many peoples moves to village or native home to survive life and many more damage may come in future.

    Kids are also affecting from this and they are not able to live life like previous days , its long time corona effect is going on and on. I think our life routine also changing day by day. Corona given of lot of lesson to learn from life. Now we realized what is meaning of things and life , Previously people was running here and there and life was going very fast , all people was giving all time for money only but now they started thinking family is most important than money, same way many lesson we are going to learn from corona time. What do you think friends , are you also feeling like me.
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    Corona has given us many lessons. But only thing is that we should remember these lessons and conduct ourselves accordingly.

    Many of us were thinking that money is very important and we need not to worry about our health. If we have money with us we can purchase health with that money. But that is proved wrong. COVID 19 proved that health is very important and your money may not help you always for being healthy.

    Many people believe that we are very wise and we can do anything and nature has to dance to our tunes. But now the lesson is that whatever we know is a very small p portion of the ocean of knowledge and nature can do anything if we harm it.

    As mentioned by the author people also understood the importance of family. Somebody who is suffering from this virus has to isolate himself from others and live alone. The people who experienced this will understand the family and members of the family.

    Life has become slow and people can sit and think and they are not running after luxuries and comforts. They understood that running after luxuries may put you at a risk because of this Corona. That way the human beings understood many facts of life because of this virus.

    always confident

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    From Corona virus, many of us are getting to know the life very well and we have habituated to change ourselves. Certainly what we learned most is that we should keep some money for such kind of long lock down which was announced suddenly and we have very well learned that without availability of daily essentials we try to run the family without asking for extravagant things to eat. The children also learned the lesson to be at home. make use of time to their betterment and not to waste the time with friends just like that. And how the family is being mingled by seeing the faces for 24 hours and how the problems of each other are better known and what to take future actions are well learned through the corona pandemic period. No relatives, no friends, no gossips, no one to one meeting yet the life was challenging and coped up.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Corona has brought many changes in our lives and our thinking process is also significantly affected. This virus threat has compelled people to think that nature is all powerful and we are like toys in comparison to it. The false pride and ego is now of no use and corona does not distinguish between rich or poor, wise or unwise. We are living in a world of fear and apprehensions. Everyone is telling that if ones immune system and resistance is good corona cannot harm but no one knows the truth. There are many people who say that it is a hoax and next day they are found affected by it. So, there is a paradigm shift in everything. We have to think twice before going for some work and activity, we have to think seriously if we want to travel as what would be the mode and how much safe it would be to go or not go. All our actions are modulated by this threat perception. Medical fraternity is fighting with this unprecedented threat day and night but the work load is very high and it is beyond our infrastructure. Living in this type of constraint was never thought earlier and definitely this is going to be the biggest lesson in our lives.
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    The coronavirus has taught us humanity today, with the arrival of the coronavirus, we have learned that human beings should never tamper with nature if there is unnecessary tampering with nature, nature knows its revenge. Should not be forgotten and should not forget that in this world created by God, everyone has an equal right to live. One thing that must be taught. Stay in a house, live with family, and enjoy it. We have been taught all these things to be unity among ourselves. We are paying special attention to cleanliness in our home as well as ourselves and I sincerely hope that our caste will learn something from it and keep the natural society clean and clean in a similar way so that our children and upcoming generations never face such an epidemic in future.
    Swati Sharma

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    Good to see humans learning from this experience.

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    Yes , All well said. Its good learning for all of us but whatever we lost can not come back. Whatever we can save in future that will be better way to think on this. Its going for long time so we need to take precaution self. If everyone will take care self then it will be good for all.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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