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    Why the siezed vehicles not protected at the police station compound?

    When ever you pass through the police station we can see two wheeler, three wheeler and cars have been dumped in their compound not cared and exposed to the nature. When the case is filed against the accused the possession and seizure of the articles or assets from them are duly recorded and even produced before the court in writing by the police and the case takes years together and by that time the vehicles gets damaged beyond recognition and not even taken back. Why the police should seize the vehicles when the person is tried before the court of law?
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    Interesting observation. Whenever I pass through the police station I find so many old vehicles lying piled and in bad shape. Some of them are accident vehicles also. In many cases the people do not come to collect them as they are rusted and beyond recovery. If someone asks them to protect these vehicles then they would ask for shades and manpower to clean them daily to keep them in order. It is not difficult as they can do it but that is up to the police department higher ups to find out a way. As on today no one cares for the seized vehicles. They are lying in open in rain and dust. They are like orphans.
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    Seizing a vehicle and placing it in the open yard with out care is the punishment meted out to the defaulters for not having proper Registration Certificate, non renewal of RC, not having Insurance, not having valid driving license etc.

    By looking at the police station vehicle yard, one should know the cause for the vehicle lying in that state. It would teach some lesson to the vehicle owners to follow the rules and regulations with respect to holding a vehicle.

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    The owner of the vehicle should worry about the vehicle and see that his vehicle will be released at the earliest. It is the lookout of the owner. We have jails where the people who committed mistakes will be kept as a punishment. We the tax payers are paying money for taking care of them. Now if the vehicles in police station are to be maintained well, they have to construct sheds for that and then some people they have to appoint for cleaning them. Where from money will come. We have to pay that money as tax.
    If the person is correct why police will seize the vehicle. The fault is with the person. Let him pay the penalty in this way. If he wants to get his vehicle repaired he will pay from his pocket. We need not pay for it. As a responsible citizen we will see that we will not given any chance to police to seize our vehicle. Then nothing will happen to our vehicle.

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