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    Most of the parents seek higher education for their children, whether it is useful or not

    I have seen many parents telling that once their children complete the engineering course or medical course or simply the Post Graduation in academic streams then they would be relieved of the responsibilities of educating them. They do not talk about making their career or thinking about it well in advance. They believe that they anyhow would get some job and will lead a happy life. If you ask them that why they had pushed the children for higher education and instead not motivated them for some trade or technical certificate they would give so many reasons for not doing that. Even for mediocre students they would somehow try through management quota seats and things like that but would not like skill based certificate or diploma courses right after high school or secondary education. Members may like to give their views on this.
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    Correct. Many parents force their children to take up the higher education as their own without considering the capacity of the children as well the future usefulness to them. I have seen many parents like this. I have a friend he forcefully joined his two daughters up to MCA with his money, as money is not a problem to him. But now their elder daughter is in US and younger is in Bangalore as housewife as both their husbands well off. It is okey for argument that their education is helping them to teach their children but both girls have one son each now finishing medicine.
    Moreover, the force of such parents leads tiredness in the children if their interest differs. Sometimes such force become danger if the children could not cope up with the expectation of parents which may leads to suicide.

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    In Tamil there is a famous saying that "Udyogam Purusha Lakshanam" that means doing the job is the must character for a boy. And that is well followed by the parents and they want to see their child to be best educated and gets the best earning job to make his own family happy. It is not wrong on the part of parents to seek higher education in this regard because the present situation needs competition spirit and strive for more attitude to get the best job and the parents are not wasting any time nor taking any chance. Even at the campus interview not all the students are getting the chance of the jobs hence not only higher education and even some additional knowledge know how are being acquired thanks to the parents guidance. And if the parents support is full, there is no chance for the student sulking and going slow and thus acquire the best job in best company to his satisfaction and parents likes.
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    In today's time, where competition is increasing on one side, parents are also worried about their children, due to all this, many parents force children to keep their qualifications and degrees above all else so that they do not face any kind of problem in future jobs But along with studies and subjects, the decision of the job should also be the decision of the child. Parents need to understand, the youth of today already understands the importance of their career and employment and let them take education as per their own interest. Parents should guide their children from time to time so that they do not deviate from their goals. Getting a degree is not a guarantee of success in a career, but an important role of effort and hard work and right guidance is there.
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    It is a very natural way of thinking. Parents always feel that if children go for higher education they will be able to get a good job. There are parents who may think that since they themselves couldn't go for higher education they are not earning enough. Everybody aspires to do well but in many cases, the parents pressurise their children to do well in a particular domain without analyzing their traits. If the children are interested in higher education there is hardly any problem but if the children are forced to pursue higher studies and they do not get the desired job after completing their education it can create some problems within the family.

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    Education is always important, does not matter in which field you are. In trading or business, success is not guaranteed and at that time, if the person is highly educated, he or she can get a job. Our parents have seen the genera of official jobs, mainly after engineering and medical sciences. Now the scenario has changed a bit with the availability of different kinds of work options or earning options but even in that case, education is always required. Higher the qualification, better will be the performance.
    So, parents should push their kids for higher education but in the field of their kid's interest. Otheriwse they will not be able to perform better.


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    Very true and rightly said. However more important than education is passion. Students must follow their passion and turn that into their career. Simply getting a degree and working like the rest of the sheeps is not enough today. You need to be the best in what you do. Thus passion and education must go hand in hand to create a successful and rewarding career.

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    Many parents feel that higher education will give chance for their wards to get good jobs and it is correct also A graduate can get appointed as Graduate trainee engineer and will be given good salary and training and he will start his career as an executive. An ITI candidate or a diploma candidate can never go for those jobs. So parents see that their children will get the best possible education so that they will get good positions with high salary and position.
    But while doing so they never take the abilities of the children and they will never see the interest of the candidate also. That is a real problem. I know many students who joined in B Tech/ BE in private colleges by paying heavy donations in management quota and should not be able to complete their course. But if parents understand the reality then they may get their children admitted in the course that is suitable to their children.

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    It is a natural thing that parents are concerned about the future of their children. So, they wish their children to pursue a better education and go for higher education for better prospects. Parents always want to see their children happy and settle in life, therefore, are worried about their future.
    It is fine to pursue higher education if a child is interested in it. Education is important and it enhances the personality of a person and earns respect in society. But it is also fine if one pursues some skill development course to improve the chances of better employment. Keeping in view the current scenario in the country, it seems reasonably valuable to equip oneself with the skill development program to stay relevant in enhancing the employability.

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    Parents are of the opinions that the technical,degrees particularly in Engineering and Medicines will open up the floodgates for the lucrative jobs of their wards. They least bother the attitudes of their wards and even they don't have any interaction with them regarding their further choice in terms of studies.
    Such a forceful taking up the courses due to insistence of the guardians, the wards are discouraged and sometimes fail miserably in such courses and some even leave the courses in between.
    While thinking of job prospects of engineers and doctors, the time has undergone changes and there is no absolute guarantee from the public undertakings for their absorptions. If the wards have talents, even with a graduation degree irrespective of the stream can shine well with the clearance of the competitive tests of Banks, LIC or even the UPSC tests meant for the selection of IAS candidates.

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    It is true, a child becomes through with basic knowledge after SSLC when he walks through the paths of life and reaches graduation or post-graduation. After this stage, he himself will be able to decide how to go ahead in his studies covering the skill-based training or on the job it in house training according to the need of this job as well relating to his qualification. After this stage he or she becomes independent, can make the right choices to build their careers ahead.
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    In our society, everyone wants to get their children the highest and best education. They will go for MBA, Medical, Engineering, MA/MSc, PhD etc and would ignore the certificate, trade, or diploma courses after 10 or 10+2. This is a general tendency as people think that higher education is the gateway to big positions. It is not true because higher education is only useful for those who are in the merit. For mediocre students higher education is of no use.
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