Always check back content whether approved

We recently had a double reward program on internships. Those who submitted their articles for this program do not seem to have checked back whether or not their articles were approved. If your article has been shifted to pending status for corrections, you need to do the needful soon. Otherwise, the double reward cannot be credited to your account before this month's payment is announced and will carry forward to the next month.

Even otherwise, we request members that for whichever section you are contributing to, it is your responsibility to check back on it. We do have the Alert feature, wherein alert emails are automatically sent to your email when your post is shifted to pending. However, note that this Alert feature does not always work and I, too, have often not got alerts about approval/pending status of my contributions.

In case you have not understood the reason why something was shifted to pending, then raise a forum thread and ask, giving a link to the page where the content is.

[Note: This is a general alert thread for all members and does not require responses, and hence is locked.]