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    When it come to driving, the fairer gender lags behind

    This should stay a discussion and not turn into a debate as the observation is not a blanket statement but a general one based on my own experience of driving till date.

    When it comes to driving a vehicle, be it a car or scooteret the fairer gender seems a bit inexperienced. I have atleast been saved 5 times which I remember very vividly when I almost had an accident with the vehicle of the other gender.
    I have now almost made it a habit not to drive behind a car or scooteret which a lady is driving or speed up and overtake the other person as soon as possible, but never drive either behind or besides a lady driver.

    This is not true for all, as there are many ace lady pilots as well as drivers too, but in general ladies tend to be weak in driving.

    What experience members have with lady drivers?
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    The observations of the author in general are true. I am also in the habit of getting alerted when the driver of the other vehicle is a woman. Many women drivers due to inexperience tend to create problems for other drivers on the road. At the same time, there are many women who are taking to long drives along with family. Recently I saw an article by a woman who went solo on bike for a long drive. They are catching up with males in driving skills.
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    I would not agree with the author that just for his experience with few women driven vehicles he cannot summarize that fairer gender are inexperienced in driving the vehicle. In fact in our area the Military officials who were retired and their wife would drive the car with much care and does not cause harm to the road users. Normally the male drivers are active enough to take sudden decisions on the road according to the circumstances but the lady drivers are not well versed with the road challenges as they always driven with peace and not urgency. I have seen the female drivers give the traffic signs either through the hand or their vehicle hind lights and that proves that they have learned all the intricacies of vehicle on the road but I have experienced the male drivers taking sudden turning much to the challenge of those coming behind them.
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    I disagree with the author. In fact, the fairer gender are the careful gender who drive their vehicles very carefully. They don't over speed; they strictly follow the traffic rules; they are alert. There are many male drivers who are dangerous to other drivers. I feel it safe to drive behind a women on wheels.
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    I agree with Mohan and SuN sirs POVs. Fems are more careful than their otherkin counterparts whilst driving. Also they follow general safety rules better than otherkins. Otherkins can sometimes be aggresive and moody or just in a general hurry they may not follow the rules. However this does not apply to all humans, this is just general consensus some fems can be worst off, whilst some otherkins can be better off too. It varies from individual to individual.

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    I think, your experience made you come to that understanding. But it is not the case always. There are many good drivers in females also and there are very bad drivers in males also. Once I had a car accident and the driver is a male driver only. The percentage of females in the driving field is very less and if you take the statistics of accidents, the number of accidents by female drivers will be definitely less than accidents by male drivers. Even the percentage of accidents with respect to the number of that gender will be less.
    So don't worry about the gender of the driver of the other vehicle and you follow all the rules and regulations properly so that you will be safe. These days in Hyderabad I am seeing lady drivers for auto rikshaws also. There are some female drivers driving buses also in Hyderabad and their record is good and there are no reported accidents made by them.

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    We cannot say like this as many male people are also found in erratic driving. We cannot come to a conclusion that the male driving people are more efficient than female. There are some women drivers erring similar to men drivers. Many women are now in driving public transport like buses, trains. I have seen ladies are driving metro trains in Bangalore. Why to that level, Recently two ladies Kumudini Tyagi and Riti Singh are appointed to operate helicopters in Indian Navy. This is the first time in India as women lieutenants are operating helicopters.

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    Ryyu at #710679, what is POV? And Fems? Please do not use abbreviations (except accepted ones) or short forms while posting contents here.

    Ladies are generally more careful while driving as it is part of their nature. They keep the speed within limits and follow the traffic rules and so maybe a hindrance to those who don't prefer to spend much time on the road. But yes, there are some over-cautious female drivers who always keep to the right and maintain their pace irrespective of the number of vehicles honking behind them and that, of course, is irritating. They don't move fast and does not allow others to overtake them also. But I think it is applicable to some elderly people in general also.

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    I am also seconding the response posted by the member Ramachandran and it is true that women are now into the most confidence level when compared to the olden days. Manning the helicopters were either too the responsibility of the male officers in Navy and now two women got the honors and that prove that even the government has the hopes and encourage the women to grab all those spaces which are either too reserved for the men. In Old city Hyderabad a women is driving a lorry which used to ferry the coal from the mines to the power generation plants and she has five such lorries out of which one she drives and four by the men. Lorry driving is not that easy and needs lots of maneuvers when it laden with coal which is heavy weight and one should appreciate the guts of her and the stamina she possess.
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    Is it really so? The author has mentioned a particular term in the thread and that is 'inexperienced'. I find this particular term more important here. If a lady or a couple of women are not experienced enough to drive a car they will make mistakes on road and there cannot be any doubt about it. An inexperienced person behind the steering, doesn't matter whether a woman or a man, is prone to make mistakes and can bump on your car. They should gain enough experience with proper practice before driving on the road and then only such inadvertant happenings can be avoided.

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    While talking about the lady - drivers, they are rather more alert and concious while driving be it car or otherwise. It is because of their consciousness, they are not likely to create any problem to others driving on the roads. They follow traffic rules religiously.
    If you take up the statistics of the lady drivers of any city, you would notice that the accidents committed by them are far lesser than the male counterparts. Now what to talk of car driving, they are driving confidently buses, lorries, trucks and have earned laurels for their commendable performance. They are alert in nature and provide you best results if you allow them to carry out their jobs independently without interruption from any source in course of driving.

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    Whether the driver is fairer sex or darker sex, the Regional Transport Officer issues Driving License after taking a driving test. They don't issue license to inexperienced drivers whether they are male or female. The steering, accelerator, brake and clutch won't know who the driver is. We don't call a female driver as driveress. With gender equality, ladies are outsmarting males in all the fields. Driving is one such field where women are proving efficient. They have reached the level of flying helicopters from a deck of a naval ship. And being trained to fly Rafale.
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    I do not think that driving performance is related to the gender as in both the genders we have all types of them. I have seen many males asking their wives to drive. It is also a fact that in general ladies are more careful in driving though I have seen exceptions also.
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    This is a strange correlation and I have not so far observed this but the fact is that in driving jobs mostly men are engaged and that might give an indication that they are only good in driving.
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    I do not agree with the author, it is not because I am a girl, but I believe that caution is important while driving, not who is driving. Both boys or girls will be considered as good drivers when they keep maintaining the speed of the vehicle while driving, following the rules of the road, follow all traffic rules, etc. In many cases, I have also seen that young boys who have learned new driving, violate more traffic rules then others, on the other hand, girls are more careful while driving but this does not mean that we should judge them by their gender, that who is a good driver and who is not. As I have already said, a good driver is the one who drives a vehicle carefully by following the rules.
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