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    Why Indians spend more on sustaining or increasing complexion?

    Indians are very conscious about their facial looking and they do not mind spending huge amount to retain good amount of fairness on their face and they also search for new products to keep their face glowing. Though the facial creams and age defying creams are the temporary arrangement the real looks of every men and women are clearly visible once the face kit removed from their possession. What I feel that look natural is the best way to express our presence to self and others and face enhancing products are just making money on our weakness to look good.
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    Yes, the observation is very valid and true in Indian context. We Indians are very fond of foreign places especially USA and Europe. Be it job or living we all wish to go there and settle and this all a psychological game that has been played for a long time.

    Using the word White Supremacy will not be wrong which has been fed to our generation for a long period and we also try to imitate them be it clothing, lifestyle or even skin tone. We know in reality that it is impossible to change the skin tone unless you have resources like Michael Jackson (even he cannot tolerate his real skin colour), but still we run after fairness creams.

    Cosmetic companies have made a fortune out of this mentality. I don't have to look far as my real brother used to apply fairness cream to look fairer but in reality he looked uglier.

    It is easier to accept yourself as you are rather than trying to imitate someone else and become a monkey. It's lack of self acceptance that cause you to value yourself based on your skin tone rather than your skills and individual traits.

    Looks matter but without skilla and self acceptance they are just a gift wrapper.

    Live before you leave.

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    I agree with the author. Always better to appear natural. Why should we used artificial synthetic products to appear with a better complexion. They will have negative affects and once we stop using them after using for some time our face will lose its naturality and will give raise to other problems. That is why we should not use these fairness creams.
    But many people feel that by using these products they appear better. The business organisations in this line of activity are exploiting the weakness of the people and making good money. But this fact is not understood by many of us. We spend money on that.
    We can use some naturally available material which will help us to maintain our body naturally and without any problem. Turmeric, Coconut oil, milk, cheese etc are good for painting the skin properly irrespective of the colour of the skin.

    always confident

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    Many people have fascination for looking fairer and in that pursuit they use all sort of fairness creams which are being manufactured by the reputed multinational companies. Males and females are equally using them for the obvious benefits. It is also a fact that by using such creams we might look slightly fairer for a while and in reality we are same as we were earlier and hence it makes sense not to use them at all.
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    People should think about it if they get a chance to visit a natural place or go to a big hotel or mall, what will they choose, most people will prefer to go to natural places, natural beauty is always more important then anything, so people should also be natural as much as possible. The real beauty lies in simplicity, we all have been listening, people may not realize this until a young age, but after a certain age, everyone believes that a person is not recognized by his looks, but still, the competition in the people regarding the looks has not stopped till date, which has been benefiting the big cosmetic production companies. No human will look good from outside unless his mind is filled with good qualities from within.
    Swati Sharma

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    I think this is a general tendency in people belonging to regions in the world where tribes are slightly towards blackish complexion. People feel that looking fairer or towards whitish is a thing of respect in the society. We have seen the acute problem of colour differentiation along with racialism in the society in USA sometimes leadings to confrontations and fights. So it is some inherent inferiority complex in people that they want to appear fairer and that has created a big business opportunity for the companies manufacturing all types of fairness increasing creams or lotions.
    Knowledge is power.

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