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    It is true, that the truth is bright like the sun, one day it comes out.

    To some extent, it is quite right that people who speak the truth on their face see them from different angles. It is said that truth is bitter. Maybe, that's why it depends on where and how the truth has been told.

    The person who tells the truth does not see how bad the person in front of him will feel, he tells the truth. and this much better because it is a good a habit of telling the truth. Certainly, it cannot be said that everyone hates those who speak the truth. The unfolding of the truth depends on the circumstances, not necessarily that every truth is brought to the fore. It is okay to bring the truth to the forefront of someone's good, but it is not right to tell the truth if someone's weakness is exposed.

    It is said that truth is bright like the sun, one day it comes out. Telling the truth at the wrong circumstances and at the wrong time can lead to hatred. Truth should it be spoken in the right place, in the right way and for the right purpose.
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    Truth and falsehood are two sides of the same coin. It depends on the individual which side he/she chooses. However as rightly said by you telling truth under wrong circumstances may lead to hatered, in the same way telling truth at the right time in the right place will lead to happiness and satisfaction. The same also appplies for falsehood. They're both interpretations of the subject towards the said object. Truth exposes the object whilst falsehood hides the object relation behind a thin veil. Choose your sides wisely or in other words make your choives according the objective timeframe accorded to you. Truth or falsehoods are just pathways roads you can say according them any color is wrong since it is the object that may have some properties not the pathway by itself.

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    It is better always to speak the truth only. We should not tell lies always. There is no second thought about it. But sometimes people may tell the truth in a very polished way so that the other many will not feel bad of it. But some people will say straight without any hesitation. Some people may get hurt when they hear such facts straight away. If you tell a person that he is looking ugly, even though it is a truth he may not like it and he may try to show his displeasure. In such cases, it is better to keep quite unless otherwise we were forced to speak. Even those facts also can be told in a diplomatic way so that the other person may not feel bad. But many people may not have that much tactics.
    People who always speak truth will be admired by the world. We all know how much respect Yudhistara is getting from other people as he was not having the habit of telling lies. Similalry Satys Harishchandra is another person who never talked untruths. As mentioned by the author truth will have always its value and no one can deny that.

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    Truth is always a winner and it is with those who never tell lies and a true person need not fear about bad moments in life as the truth alone prevails. In the law the truth has the greater importance and the punishment is not meted out to those who are termed as accused unless and until the truth comes out against them. Truth cannot be competed, destroyed nor changed to suit others. Truth always triumphs with those who are sincere in their approach and truth alone would be the winner in the last. When the trust exposes the falsehood so brutally, there is no other go for the person to undergo the harsh punishment.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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