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    Should students be awarded a basic income or stipend for studying higher?

    Members, most of the student community in our country is either from lower income group or middle income group only a fraction of minority belong to the high income group. What if a regular stipend or basic income was provided to these students especially the ones who wish to pursue higher education. Indoing this not only will we be able to retain talent in our country but also enable a sort of equitibility amongst the students of our country as they come from various sub ethinicities. What are your opinions on this?
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    Students who are not financially well and people who can't go for higher studies due to poverty should be supported by the government and should be given scholarships and stipends for their higher studies. In India, the reservations are there based on caste. Reserved category students only are getting the scholarships and stipends and students from other castes are not getting any encouragement even though they are not financially well. That is why many poor students who are from other castes are suffering a lot.
    If all the students based on their income levels and who procured seats in higher education should get support from the government. That will make some meritorious students do well and go for higher studies. I don't know whether this will be considered by the governments. Many young people who have intelligence and interest are staying back due to lack of funds. Poverty is the curse for them and the government should support such students.

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    In Telangana under the economically backward scheme. the students of higher education are getting the scholarships which would mitigate to some extent to pay the hefty fees for Engineering and other courses. I do agree that the higher education cost is growing every year and the poor parents cannot afford the four year fees which runs into nearly four lakhs including the bus transport fees. On an average the TS govt is providing maximum of rupees 35000 as financial merit scholarship which would be directly sent to the college account and remaining amount has to be paid either through the student loan account or from private source. In TS if the parents are under earning, and have the ration card and if the candidate is the local and doing extremely well in the previous exams, the scholarship is for sure.
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    Unfortunately, in our country due to high population and low job opportunity most of the students are going for higher and higher education because they do not have anything to do which is more constructive than that. It is a pity that most of them are following the default route to it. Higher education is not for all. It is only for a select few who have a research aptitude and want to excel in academic line. So, as regards the scholarship and stipend for the students, yes, it is a very good thing but it should be given only to the top ranking few and not to all who are just passing their time there because they do not have anything to do and their parents are forcing them to do something.
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    Good suggestion by the author but there is a catch to this. Most of the schemes that the Government frame is for the welfare of poor and needy. But due to the humongous population of this country most of the times these schemes flop as they never reach the ultimate beneficiary. The middlemen and the administrative channel eats up everything and submit papers for the utilization. That is why we never see actual results but only reports of achievement.

    Not only students, farmers too are suffering due to these middlemens. When Government announces some scheme for students or for poor, some NGOs will come to know of the same first and will draft a schemes to help poor and act as last mile for the Government and end up eating all the grants provided to them for utilizing in welfare of poor and needy. Students are also fooled the same way, sometimes by NGOs and sometimes by the Government mechanism itself.

    I have been witness to distribution of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employement Guarantee Act (MNREGA) money by bank manager during one of the audit we were conducting of that rural bank branch. The bank manager was authorised to distribute the daily wages to labourers who did work for whole day and in the evening come to collect the wage under MNREGA scheme from bank. What witnessed that there were few people who were already waiting for the whole day outside the bank and some were brought by another person who seemed to be the contractor.

    Now all of them sat on ground in a straight line and bank manager brought a bundle of note from bank and a register that had names of all those sitting there in line. The manager gave them around Rs. 50 in cash and got a sign or thumb impression on as receipt of Rs. 100. Those receiving the money were happy as well as the bank manager distributing it. Later the bank manager handed over few thousand rupees to the contractor and kept the rest in his pocket.

    This was an incident which happened in front of our eyes and we asked the manager to which he replied that "This is the way it happens everyday and the cut goes up the channel, don't get into this."
    This is one of the incident that I have shared and there are more but cannot share everything here. I will just add that Skill India program has also been a big flop and output expected is not even 20% of the amount spent to make the scheme a success. What is on paper and what is on ground is World apart.

    Intent is good but those implementing mechanism and middlemen eat up everything and in the end its just the taxpayers who bear the burden.

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    In AP and Telangana, the governments pay the full/partial college fees of the poor students of professional courses. It is a good move. It is being implemented from the past 10 odd years. Before 2019 elections, TDP government of AP started giving unemployment allowance of Rs. 2000 for all the graduates. But, it was later discontinued by the YSRCP government. Though it seems to be useful, such type of allowances can become election gimmicks like our Pension schemes, where every party will put in their manifesto, to increase the allowance amount if they come to power, making our youth to depend on our politicians.

    In my opinion, instead of giving anything, the government should take control of both education and health, which are very essential for the human beings. But it has to have the will. See the Covid 19 situation, in the initial stages, only the government hospitals used to manage all the patients without any private participation. If it can manage a pandemic, can't it manage the public health in general?

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