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    Stop judging who is strong and who is wrong, instead be a silent performer

    Many of us has the bad habit of judging who is stronger and who is committing mistake or going wrong. We have been not authorized to judge nor give the rave remarks about the others but we take the privilege and rights as if somebody delegated responsibility to us, to testify the performance of others who are already getting into their work mode and criticizing those who just missed the best performance. Instead it is better we give enough time for our own silent performance which must baffle ourselves and also others when someone notice moves suddenly.
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    What is the qualification we have to judge the actions of others? We have no right to do that. There are people to see these issues. Sometimes even we may resort to criticise even judges also. How can you become a judge with no proper understanding to judge others? I agree with the author. We should not go and start criticising others for their actions.
    I have seen in many offices, the subordinates will criticise their boss in his absence. They think that they can understand the actions of the boss fully. But boss will have more responsibilities than his subordinates. So a particular point will be seen by him in a different way and the subordinate may not be able to look at the same way. So in many cases it will be proved that boss is right.
    Unless otherwise you can get into the shoes of the person you can't understand the reason for his behaviour. In such situation keep watching and see what will be the out come. Let us not try to criticise .

    always confident

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    True and well said both the authors. Humans are pitiful bonkies who keep poking in their noses and keep judging stuff without any reason . Wonder why aliens do not make any contact with humans?? It's precisely because of this above mentioned issue of poking around where your nose does not belong. Judging, criticizing to no end. Who would want a pricky cosmic neighbour bothering it every other day?

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    Some people have a strong habit of judging others and also advising them whether they want it or not. I think it is in bad taste and ill mannered to do so. We must concentrate in our work rather wasting our time in those judging and criticising things
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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