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    Do you act consciously or unconsciously?

    Be this the body or an incident, everything happens for a reason but only if we act consciously then we can know the reason of our being and about how come an event is taking place.

    We often have come across with the different individuals who have developed an intent of blaming others or blaming the circumstances, if the things does not ensue their ways. No doubt that we too are the victims of this unconscious acts and because of this we continue to suffer. Take an instance of this body itself wherein we continue to have inappropriate intakes and ending up taking appointments with the doctors.

    Acting consciously, considering on a larger canvas, will greatly impact on the quality of your life and perhaps this could be the very basis of one when attaining the spirituality while others continue to suffer with the regular businesses.

    However, the choice is yours?
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    When we are living and moving, there is no question of unconsciousness taking our very moments and we should be confident enough to face the consequences with guts and courage. The other day there was a traffic police check for every vehicle and they stopped everyone and asked to show the papers. One girl who was having all the papers yet shivering to show because she never confronted with so many police surrounding her she said. Though she was let off after seeing all the papers for sure, still she was unable to start the vehicle with confidence. The police personnel asked her to sit for a while or call some one from the home to pick her up. What I mean to say here that some people does not like the police at all and though they are sincere and having everything, they still fear to face the police for the reasons better known to them.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    One should not do a mistake knowing that it is a mistake. If we do that, we should pay the penalty. Sometimes unknowingly we may be doing some mistakes. When somebody says it is a mistake, we should think and judge the issue in a better way and restrain ourselves doing the same mistake again and again. But if we think that we are correct and do the same mistake again and again you have to face the music. Whether you are doing the mistake knowingly or unknowingly, the end result will be same and you deserve the punishment. If you touch the fire, knowingly or unknowingly, you will feel the heat and you will have a burning injury.
    Why should we blame somebody else for our mistakes? This is alwys a defence way of working and we will try to escape from our responsibility by saying that somebody else is at fault.

    always confident

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    Generally we are conscious of what we are doing. It is difficult to do things unconsciously. What sometimes happens is that there are some routine works which we undertake absent minded and do them without knowing whether we have done them. If it is what is meant by unconscious then yes we do it at times.
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    Mistakes are mistakes, but they were mistakes, but they should have been avoided. Even if mistakes have happened inadvertently, you should move forward in life by apologizing and forgiving yourself. Mostly we justify others. Being wrong is not a wrong thing, but we have difficulty in believing ourselves to be wrong. But when we consider ourselves to be right, two things remain. One, the other may also be correct, two, the right of the front does not make you wrong, ie both can be right. Nothing is achieved by always speaking in the language of right and wrong. It is very tiring and wasteful work. Everyone has their own sorrows, their concerns are true to themselves. Then, the other being right does not make you wrong. We have to decide what is necessary for us.
    Swati Sharma

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