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    Good teammates is also the luck factor that helps us to grow

    My sister's daughter who is working as a software professional in a reputed company has been given with extra bonus as her team won the appreciation of the client and also improved their work performance. This is the testimony that when a team has good working co employees the understanding would be perfect as there would not be any error and the work would be relatively done fast and all this are going on through online not meeting any one of the team mates and still has the good rapport of great understanding that makes things happen.
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    True. A good team member will add value to the team and chances of success will get enhanced with good team members. This is very true in every walk of our life. The wife and the husband are a team in life and if both them are good and understand each other and act as a team, that family will be always happy and always will be doing good only. But if the two partners are pulling the family in a different direction, there will not be any growth to that family.
    The same is the case in offices also. Every team member should give a little more than he can give. Then the team will head for a victory. Instead of that if we put more wait on the other person team may not do good.
    Some people will be very good when they work individually and they may not be that good when they are in a team. That may be due to a lack of understanding about group dynamics. The group leader should support such people and try to bring them up so that the team will get benefitted.

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    In this all the teammates are new and freshers trained by her online.
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    Team work is always important and coordination among the team members is essential for growth in any organization. Whether it's a game or a project, active participation of each team member is a must and the team has to perform in a synchronized way to do well. The pandemic situation has altered the procedure of work for many and since many has to work from home, the coordination of the team members has to be even more because there is no meeting in person. It is understood from the post that when the goal is the same, no matter where the team members are, the target can be achieved if there is a coordination among them.

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    A good team is essential to perform the job in a speedy and there will be the execution of the job even much earlier than the dead line. The example raised by the author indicates the maintenance of better team work and understanding. Such bonds will enhance the work culture. However, there is always the need of appropriate vision of the boss to lead the entire team. To motivate the team is the essential ingredient to achieve the success . An excellent manager would make every effort to please his subordinates. Financial incentives, serving appreciation letters can boost up their morals .

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