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    Why the gold medal is not actually gold?

    In the competitions held at the school, and college levels the students vie for each other and outsmart their performances in academics and also the sports. Some students are excellent in extra curricular activities and the management would award them with gold and silver medal. Though the citation in the certificates say that the candidate has won the gold or silver medal but in reality it is a disk looks like gold or silver and nothing else. But still such medals do give the students the greatest satisfaction and also bring back their school and college memories.
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    These medals will be sponsored by some institutions are some individuals on the name their elders. For this, they have to give some lumpsum amount and that will be deposited in the bank as fixed deposit and they will use the interest they are getting every year for making these gold or silver medlas. These amounts may not be sufficient to make medals every year with pure gold or pure silver. Hence they will go for gold coated and silver coated medals.
    To get a gold medal is a prestigious issue and this is a very good recognition for the student who struggled a lot and studied well. For him getting that medal is more important which will be a good testimonial for him and that will give honour and value to the students. They will never see whether the material used is pure gold or pure silver. The certificate and the medal are important. The material used for making the same is secondary.

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    After reading this thread, I thought about Gold Medals outside ISC and Gold Levels at ISC.

    Gold Medal is real but Gold level is virtual.
    Gold Medal is permanent, but Gold level is temporary.
    Gold Medal accompanies cash award, but Gold level has no cash award.
    Gold Medal is to feel proud, but Gold level has nothing to feel.

    ISC should think something to make its Gold level worth something

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    The value of those memories far outweighs the gold of any generation. Memories are priceless, as stated above by Dr.Rao sir the value of the certificate and the medal outweighs the actuality of the material used to create them. SuN sir the kind of gold and cash you're running after, I'm afraid you will keep running after it for a long time it is nothing but mirage. If you wish to create gold and cash for yourself instead of lamenting start solving a problem. Hope this helps!!!

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    Btw the poem is good SuN.

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