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    Thread of the Week contest - 13th to 19th Sept '20- Winners!

    With a repeated request to all our members to take more care with your spellings and also to be more passionate with the words you choose and the way you conceive and construct your sentences, we are now announcing the winners of the Thread of the Week contest for the week 13th to 19th Sept '20. And the Winner is-

    Sankalan Bhattacharya for the thread Do you know what others are thinking about you for probing into the common human nature of allowing his worries about the probable thoughts and views of others to interfere with the way he acts or speaks.

    Special Prizes

    1. Umesh for the thread How to acquire good traits in our life which points to the importance of values and good manners and looks for ways to acquire and develop such habits.
    2. Gagan Ahari for his thread What is the meaning of liberty according to you which tries to bring out the fact that the meaning of liberty can change with individuals and circumstances.
    3. Swati Sharma for the thread Why hesitate to ask questions, not knowing is not a sin which seeks to highlight the importance of asking questions without any hesitation because lighting a lamp to ward off darkness is something we must do.

    The winner will receive a cash reward of Rs 60/- with 60 points and the special prize winners will receive Rs 40/- and 40 points each.

    Friends, please join me to congratulate the winners!
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    Congratulations to Mr. Sankalan Bhattacharya for winning the TOW award. I also congratulate all the special prize winners on the same. I liked the winning thread and the thought behind it.

    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    Congratulations to all the winners of Thread of the Week contest - 13th to 19th Sept '20. The selected threads are the best and deserve the awards. I wish all the winners all the best. I hope and wish that they will continue their good work.
    always confident

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    My congratulations to Umesh Sir, Gagan Ahari and Swati Sharma for winning the Special Prizes and thanks to ISC for selecting one of my threads as the winning entry. All of your posts are on important topics and I am sure all of you will continue posting such interesting threads all the time. My best wishes to all the other regular contributors. Carry on with posting thought-provoking threads regularly.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Many congratulation to Sankalan Bhattacharya Sir, Umesh Sir, and Gagan Ahari for winning rewards, I wish you all the very best for more rewards in future. Also, I would like to thank all the members and editors or management of ISC for their wishes.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Hearty congrats to the tow winner Sankalan and appreciation to the special prize winners Umesh, Gagan and Swati. All the entries were new and refreshing and thus won.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I thank ISC for my award against the entries during the said week and at the same time take this opportunity to congratulate the other winners Sankalan, Gagan, and Swati for their respective awards.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Congratulations to all the winners of this particular TOW. Well done and keep it up.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Congratulations to Sankalan Bhattacharya, Umesh, Gagan Ahari and Swati Sharma on their winning on TOW. Day by day, our ISC contains super psychological contents which is really a good feed to brains.

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    My heartiest congratulations to all the winners. Each one of them deserve the prize for their contribution and time. Will be eager to see more nice threads from each one them. A big congrats once again.
    Live before you leave.

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    Congratulations to Sankalan Bhattacharya for winning the Thread of the Week contest - 13th to 19th Sept '20. I also congratulate to Umesh Sir, Gagan Ahari and Swati Sharma for winning the Special Prizes. Well done and keep it up.

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    My hearty congratulations to Mr Sankalan Bhattacharya for being declared as the winner of the Thread of the week award. I also congratulate all the three special prize winners of this contest.

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    My heartiest congratulation to winner Mr. Sankalan Bhattacharya and special prize winners Umesh Sir, Gagan Ahari and Swati Sharma for winning for the reward Thread of the Week contest .
    Phagu Mahato
    Success occurs when opportunity and preparation meet.

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    The cash rewards and points to the winners have been credited.
    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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