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    The simple reason for so many potholes on the road

    I know you will try to find out the reasons behind the potholes on important roads and highways and many will also blame the local administration for not carrying out the repairing on time. We all are aware of the administrations, their lack of initiatives, etc and as a common man, we can do little to change the situation. In this thread, let's look it from a different angle. When problems are galore, often we comment on them in a way to make the situation lighter. One such comment that I wish to share here to let you know why there are so many potholes on many important roads in our state West Bengal. My friend stays in another district and the condition of the road to reach there is not at all good in many places. While discussing this issue he said, since the people of West Bengal loves the fish and rice very much, the potholes during the rainy season may become the ideal place for the small fishes to breed. Therefore the local administration is not doing anything to repair them to keep the people happy with their favorite lunch containing a plateful of rice and fish from potholes.
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    Simply I can say that it is rubbish with rice and fish potholes. Fish don't breed in potholes on the road. May be few frogs take birth during the monsoon. And they eat away if there is any such fish. Your friend appears to be a funny guy to think differently. Even people from TN & Kerala love to eat fish and rice, but not the fish from potholes.
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    Wait fish from potholes. Sir we're humans not orcs from Mordor to eat fish from potholes. SuN is right the said person must be kidding. Potholes exist even in posh colonies of our country, the reason is lack of interest amongst the civic localities and the general adminstration of the state or the local area in particular. Also the quality of roads in this country is totally offbeat. Even a light rain shower will create puddles and muddles on well paced roads. Although the situation has somewhat improved in the past few years. The government and local bodies must ensure that high quality tar is used to create roads, with atleast five to seven coatings and a special coating to prevent the road from wear and tear. Hope this answers your query.

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    Potholes are created due to poor workmanship by greedy and selfish road contractors. The engineers also a part of it, and also the politicians who recommend the contractors after taking a share. Also, potholes are made to create the maintenance work to feed the politicians, engineers and contractors. If the contractors are perfect with their job, there is no need to maintain the roads. In this regard, I would appreciate the British who constructed roads and bridges that have lasted over a century without any maintenance.
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    It was hilarious to read that the road potholes are used for rearing the fish and that may be singular case or a joke made on the callous activities of the state government which damn cared to maintain the main roads. During every monsoon season the wash out of the roads and potholes creating on big laid roads are the common feature and what is more astonishing is the fact that the roads were just laid in the summer and within three months the wear and tear takes place thanks to the raining continuously and the very base of the roads washed away. May be poor materials are used to get the contracts again and again. Why cement roads are not laid when some roads are used very much and there are every chance of relaying them. Cement roads are the best options to challenge the brunt of the nature and that would be one time investment.
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    It provided me some sort of amusement by going through this forum where rearing of fish is done in the potholes. Actually this joke was hurled to expose the inefficiency of the state government not taking proper care to plug the potholes after the work, though lid has to be put externally to protect the people from any accident
    Sometimes the construction of the roads being undertaken prior to rainy season was not up to mark due to inferior materials resulting in erosion of the road and due to heavy accumulation of water, it becomes difficult to locate the main holes not properly covered with lids. This gives rise to the chances of accidents.
    Potholes are the results of undertaking the further maintenance by the contractors and there exists collusion between the officials and contractors to reap personnel benifits.

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    I feel it is something to create some comedy. I have never seen a single fish in potholes. Even I have not seen frogs also. But it is good to have some jokes like that. Otherwise, always we will worry about the potholes and we will start criticising the local authorities. Now, whenever we see a pothole we will remember this thread and see whether any fish is there in it. we will have a smile on our face.
    In India, different departments of administration will not have coordination. That is why the works will not be done in a proper. Today road will be repaired and tomorrow another department comes and digs for laying pipeline and nobody cares to make the road proper again.
    These potholes are sources of income for many people. The government department will give the contract to somebody to close these potholes. In that money, there will be many kickbacks and many will get a good income. So it is a continuous process to have potholes and repairing them.

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    According to me the potholes are due to carelessness is correct but the party of the carelessness is the question. It is not the government or contractor etc., but our own public is the reason for that. If a contractor or some party is laying road, the local people do not give time to dry / set strong. They move their vehicles - cars, two wheeler, cycle or even pedestrians - over the string the put as barricade. Such movements made ups and downs in the road laid afresh. It is not the duty to the contractor to prevent such people as their motto is to lay the road that is all. If we ourselves put garbage in the middle of the house, who will be responsible?
    We as a resident of that area definitely know well the alternative route to avoid that street or road but without waiting if we use the road in the unsettled level how can accuse the government or contractor?.

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