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    Let public mend their lives, do not hold the economy

    Some high risk states across the country are still continuing with curbs on the essential services thereby blocking the very progress of their own state and crippling the economic process. Now it is proved that lock downs cannot control the spread of the virus and only people need to mend their ways and behave and the government interference would further aggravate the very existence of some states. Opening up the economy would be the wise decision and people have to realize this great importance and cooperate with the guidelines announced.
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    Rightly said, but it seems the government is hell bent on keeping forced restrictions. They should invest in developing the vaccine faster already many corporations around the world are working on it. Developing the vaccine is now the only most effective way. The people are wise and will cooperate with the authorities. Already the economy has sufferedmuch setback combined with a global recession, we need to act faster and faster otherwise many folks will simply die of hunger and due to lack of work. The need of the hour is to become more and more humane and help each other stand rather than go on a grabing spree, which may benefit one in short run but will play a havoc in one's life in long run.

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    We all are today standing at a place where there is a devil on one side and a deep sea at another. Blaming Govt is not going to help and neither blaming the citizens would. When a person has no job and no food to eat he would come out on the street and cry for it. For last 73 years whichever Govt was there we could not control the population and could not create the jobs. What we could create was a large number of schools, colleges, universities and equally large number of unemployed educated people. Earlier also unemployment was there but the present one is unemployment of educated ones who want white collar jobs preferably in Govt sector. I do not think that any Govt can bring change so quickly as being thought and perceived by some of us. Now corona has created more problems for the Govt as anything it decides to do people would be unhappy.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Agreed the views to develop medicines for curbing the corona etc., But to what extent the public will come forward to have the medicine if invented and offered by Government. Whatever may be steps by Government but without the cooperation of public, the Government alone cannot curb the corona or any thing. On the one side, public litigation in the court of law for preventing police to punish the people violating the prohibitions of the Government, on the other side medias polluting the news and thereby confusing public a lot. Part of people only adhering the regulations laid by the Government but many public took much interest in violating the regulations and prohibitions of the Government. We can see many people even not wearing masks; some wearing masks only to the neck level as if the mask wearing is meant for only Government's sake. On the other side the opponent political parties releasing statements against Ruling Party which also make public to think otherwise.

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    You are right. How long one can hold the breath to escape from death. Now we know much about the deadly Corona and know how to get along with Corona. We should release the breath to relax and survive. We should not get into a death trap due to poor or weak economy. We should try to put back our economy by working hard with wearing of mask, maintaining social distance, and consuming things that improves our immunity.
    No life without Sun

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    In our state the local buses are about to be operated by this month end and that will open up the economy further.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author is right in pointing this out, as people will surely die if they do not get to eat although there is a good possibility of recovering and not even getting infected with Corona. Although the Centre has given a green go to almost everything, its just the State government that needs to take a call. The lockdown period has been more than enough to learn the basics of safety and improving ones immunity.
    In China, if reports are to believed then Wuhan from where the Virus originated, there people are partying and clubbing as well not maintaining any social distancing or using masks. Something is very wrong with this country. They have caused panic and havoc to the World economy.

    Live before you leave.

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    The author has rightly said that now is not the time to stop the economy, people should now become aware of themselves and protect themselves from the corona. The transition of corona cannot be stopped through lockdown only, it would be better not to stop the economy. The government and other institutions are making efforts on their behalf, but the situation is such that how long the results will take time not to be said. Till the time we got a vaccine, if lockdown is used again and again, then there will be a problem for the economy, so follow the social distancing and engage in your jobs.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    True. How long we can stand like this. Either way, it is harming us only. More than 60,00,000 jobs vanished and people are suffering. Unless otherwise, we go for normal living there is no way for the economy to pick up.
    One of my distinct relatives was working in Hyderabad and staying here from 2009. He was earning through his job and managing the family. Now he has to spend more on travelling to his office as there is no public transportation facility and the company stopped giving some incentives. So his income reduced and expenses increased. So he resigned and shifted to his native place. This is only one case I know. But like this many people are there. So the government should not be held responsible and we should mend our ways in such a way that we will stay safe.
    Now we all know what are the precautions we have to take and how to be safe. Let us follow them and never expect the government to go for lockdown.

    always confident

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    Wise words from a knowledgeable member. When these words were uttered by some people in the month of March itself, they were laughed at and criticised.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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