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    People suffer because they defer.

    In life we meet many people who are successful and many who are not. Those who are successful talk about doing things right now and those who are not so successful talk about doing things later.
    This act of doing things now and deferring it later makes all the difference to a person's life.

    This act of deferring is simply called procrastination. Now be it a student, an employee, or any other person who is in habit of deferring things sooner or later realises that, he/she should have done the act/work when there was time instead of postponing it to a later date.

    We all have a limited amount of time and we must make the most of it. Those who take action and work when needed become successful while those who defer and procrastinates become unsuccessful or burdened with a lot of work at later date.

    What opinion do members hold to this?
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    Nice post from the author. There is a popular saying that "Stitch in time saves nine" that means we need to attend the issues or matter then and there itself and postponing them would gives rise to bigger challenges and more complicated problems in future. For example now a days we are using the tubeless tyres to our vehicles and even with less tyre pressure we are able to reach the destination without stopping or held up. If the tyre pressure is 12 psi that is the indication that there is a puncture and that need to be addressed but I have seen people invariably using the same tyre and refilling with air and using the same and the tyre puncture gets more bigger and suddenly when you park the vehicle for few minutes, the entire air would be out and you are left with deflated tyre and if it happens to be hind wheel then the mobility is problem. So we have to attend the puncture urgently.
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    Correct. Postponing the works is not the right choice. But attempting too many at a time is also not correct. We should plan our work. We should priortise the works. Make a list of works in order of priority. What are the works to be completed today and what are to be completed in the first half of the day. Then attempt one by one. Give target times for each work and complete them as fixed. That will be the habit of a successful person.
    I have seen someful who start many works at a time and end up with not completing even a single work. They start and in the midst, they will jump into another work. That is how they will start many works but will not complete even a single work.
    If the work is to be completed today we should complete. We can't say we will do it tomorrow. If you make a proper plan of working it is not very difficult to complete the planned works.

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    We can take the authors view on the other hand also. We should do everything in the prospective time. We should not postpone or wait for some good time. It is good for waiting for a good opportunity but the time should be set by us for the waiting. Nowadays many youngsters waiting for quite suitable job according to their qualification and study. It is best if they get the opportunity in a gap of three to six months. Many parents, I am seeing, that worrying about their sons, especially sons. do wait for more time for suitable employment. The sit idle or wandering themselves in the name of searching job. After a gap of period, say, other set of graduates come in the market, these people got panic as the employer may question his idle gap period which may make the employers to think otherwise.

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