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    Why the rich and affordable customers look for more discounts?

    Whenever there is a announcement for special offers and huge discounts through online shopping the rich and affordable are those who makes the beeline to effect purchases. Even in the normal markets the middle class and the poor will not ask for rebate or discounts and they simply purchase the things without argument. But the rich not only select the best things out of the stocks available but they still ask for further discounts for bulk purchases as if they are the real purchasers and others are just spectators. What is your view on this?
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    The simple answer is that they value their money and hardwork from which they've become rich or well to do. The more complex answer is that folks naturally tend to take an easy path. If you're getting a car free in a lucky draw naturally you will go in for your draw. This tactic is used by corporations to attract customers so as to make them more loyal to their products and services.

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    All the companies that provide online shopping work only for their own profits, they know which customer will be more profitable and they also give discounts to VIP customers from time to time. Apart from this, people who do a lot of shopping together, it is also natural to want a discount because everyone wants to save their money to some extent. In such a situation, discounts or other offers attract them to do more shopping so that they continuously shop and increase the company's income. For both sides, it is simply a game of profit and saving money.
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    Companies have a tendency to provide more discounts and freebies to those who spend a lot on their products. Naturally only rich would be able to do so hence they get more discounts and as the basic human nature is full of greed these rich also yearn for more and more freebies.
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    In the name of premium customers and premium membership they offer discounts but that is with escalated price.
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    This also tolerable in some cases, but in our city, there is a hospital running charities and doing treatment for poor people and others who have no earnings etc., There is a possibility eye treatment even to the level of cataract operation with meager amount. I went there for treating my relative lady and waiting in the outside during her operation. By that time I saw two patients came in car,seems to be rich only, went inside the hospital for eye operation and saw that they paid the concessional amount. Later when I went there again for review, I saw a friend of mine, who is an advocate and they are big businessmen in the city who came there with her grandmother. Without tolerating, as he is a close friend of mine, I took liberty and I asked my friend, why he came there for treatment as he can afford to get his grand mother in big eye hospitals in the city. He told me that,'We got operation earlier in a big hospital only for my grand mother but the cure was not up to the satisfactory level. I came to know this hospital gives a good treatment. Yesterday, I came here for booking date for operation but I have paid for the operation as how I paid there instead of these people charging. I do not want to utilize the concession offered for general people'. I appreciated his approach.

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    A middle-class person or a poor person will never go for unnecessary purchases even though there is a discount or an offer. They will more concentrate on their necessities. When it is a necessity, we have to purchase the item even though it costs a little more. That is why a middle-class person never looks or wait for discounts and offers. But a rich person who has more money can invest some money in advance so that they can reserve the items and use them when they require. I know some rich people go for clothes purchase when there is an offer and purchase the material that is sufficient for one year at least so that next year when there is a discount offer again they can go for purchase.
    They also go for bulk purchases as they have sufficient money and need not wait for their monthly salaries. But a middle-class man can never do that as he has to manage every month the essential items and with remaining amount only he can go further purchases.

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    If you purchase in bulk you are paying more and naturally, you ask the shopkeeper to provide a discount. For many items, even I have found in case of a few groceries, that the shopkeepers are providing a discount out of their own to bulk purchasers. We all are aware of the wholesale price and whatever may be the item for bulk purchase there will be a discount. Those who can afford to purchase a huge quantity will always ask for discounts since they are paying a large sum at a time. Those who purchase only a couple of items on some occasions will never think of such discounts though I found irrespective of their financial conditions many people like to bargain if there is an option. Nowadays, I don't think only the rich purchase items online and there are many people, young adult alike, who regularly keep an update about the discounts available on various e-commerce platforms.

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