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    Positive image takes series of consistent action but to destroy it needs just one reaction.

    In order to build up an image which is a positive one, we need to perform action which is consistently same or better than the previous one but when it comes to destruction it just needs one reaction.

    Most of us watxh cricket and we form an image of the player based on his consistent performance in the match but one bad performance and we start to doubt him. In a game the opposite team always tries to provoke a good player while batting or bowling to extract a reaction from him and thereby commit a mistake. It's just a matter of one reaction. In a game one mistake can cost the team win or lose. So the player is expected to be intensely focused only on his game and not react when provoked.

    In our life also we should remain focused on our work and duty and should always perform in the best way possible and build an image with positive actions as it will take only one reaction that can destroy all the good work we have done.

    Out life is just like a cricket match, highly competitive, exciting, and at the same time on the edge, one mistake is all that it takes to undo all the good work done.
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    As soon as a person gets success or a good image of his starts coming in front of the world, then the responsibility of the person increases that he should keep it maintained. Good image or success is not a property or product that we bought once we own it, but it is part of a race in which we have to stay ahead among the many people and for this, continuous effort and effort is very important. Some time ago I saw an interview in which Bollywood player Kumar Akshay Kumar said that it is very important to work hard to stay in the film industry. He has had a long time in the film industry, yet he says that successes have made him comfortable to do different kinds of work and take risks. Whether it is a normal person or a big person, everyone has to make a lot of effort.
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    The understanding or an image we have about a person depends on our interaction with that person and his way of conduct during these interactions. We feel a person is a good person when our interaction with him always is good and if he behaves correctly with us. To get a good impression we have to have sufficient interactions with the other person. But if we have just one bad experience with him is sufficient to have a bad image. That is why people say that one crystal of salt is sufficient to spoil even a pot of milk. So getting a positive image is one thing and to see that it will be sustained is another thing.
    I have a good very impression about my driver. He is working with me from 4 years. He never gets absent without informing me. I used to help him as and when he required. But recently I observed that he is bluffing with me sometimes. Now I am checking before taking his words granted. This is how we lose good image.

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