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    Why do people afraid from GOD ?

    Man is afraid of everything that can harm him like fire, water, ferocious animals, etc. Apart from all this, the biggest fear of human being is the fear of death or just the fear of losing one's own existence. The fear of death, later turned into a variety of rituals and superstitions which resulted in these rituals and superstitions gradually taking the form of business.

    Today, when man has left that dark age far behind and has set his foot in the era from which he is opening the layers of the mysteries of the universe, the earth is no longer a mystery for him, the puzzles of life and death were no longer complicated, then why the fear has not been overcome.

    Death is the biggest truth of life, how afraid of it, no one has returned till today to tell what will happen after death. We are afraid of lions, wolves, snakes, scorpions, because of all this we are afraid of darkness but why we are scared of GOD?

    Because in this fear of ours, the victory of those businessmen who play with our emotions which connect us with that superpower of GOD, we have to overcome this fear because in end of this fear is the victory of humanity.
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    There is nothing to fear if you live an equitible and participatory life. The problem is for those that upsurp resources and indulge in needless excesses. Nature is harsh on such systems and agents. You're right we should not allow such businessmen to flourish amongst us. Unfortunatley blief is a drug, once folks become addicted to it they can be easily manupulated to believe anything, just watch the huge corporations making money out by exploiting your needs and wants even that comes under this same purview. It is not wrong to create or sell products to help the society that is good and is highly encouraged but using those tools to exploit humans for the purpose of monetary gain is wrong. Thus in short we need to free ourselves from these despotic tools of deception designed to promote fear in us. There is nothing to fear about nature. God is all about love not hatered or fear.

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    We start from our house with our motorcycle. When we reach the road end only we realize that we forget the licence and RC papers. From that minute an unknown fear comes into our mind. When we see the police on the road who casually go by his vehicle or cycle. we feel our heartbeat started increasing. But if we possess all papers with us, we never worry about anybody and do not care even a Police battalion crossed us. Similar situation is with God. No person do fear on God if they are correct in all his routine but if they did any abnormal thing, automatically fear of God will come into them. For this it is required in us to keep our mind and heart filled with love and affection. As the love and affection is the way and means of God, when we possess them with us we ourselves like a God.

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    The fear of God lingers in our mind because we are uncertain about the future and the very next second is not in our hands and what happens is clueless. For example during this pandemic time, we are coming across the news of young age persons are dying citing other disease as reasons, But when they die during this period, people are confirming it to be due to corona and no one visits their kith or kin and they are left to mend their own ways. The self help life has come into existence as even the close relatives and friends are not showing up their helping tendency and therefore God's intervention is the only way to get some solace. And here also we are being criticized because either too we were not caring the God for each and every help and now during these six months the people are praying much to the God to keep them well.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The people who are truthful and honest do not fear God. They simply worship Him or have faith in Him. That is all. Nothing more, because they do not ask anything from God. Then the question arises who fears God. The evil, cunning, and dishonest fear the God because they always pray Him and offer money or jewellery in the temples and religious places and do not know that whether He would forgive their sins or not. To please Him they do many types of functions where religious leaders and Pandits are given a good treat but still somewhere deep in their hearts they have a doubt whether even after doing so much to please Him, would He forgive them or punish. That is the only tribe which fears God and no one else.
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    Why we should have a fear of God? Why we should fear when we see a policeman? As long as we are not violating any rules and working within the gambit of the rules, we need not have a fear for a policeman. Similarly, as long as we are not harming anybody and not indulging in unethical activities, I feel we need not have a fear of God, Our parents will support and encourage us as long as we are truthful, ethical and behave properly. But if we deviate from the above our parents will definitely punish us. Same is the case with God. As long as you are ethical, he will give you all happiness. But if you resort to unethical practices, he will punish you. Respect God like we respect our parents. We may have to have fear of God if we commit sins. But going to temples and worshipping God can't be taken as fear. It is their confidence in Him and they believe that by praying Him he will help them and they will have a better life.
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    We should not be afraid of God rather we must be afraid to do sin . Because God is our maker and our keeper and as everyone says God Is Love . As as as we do good God watches us and repays us with good . Even if we be sinners we must ask him for forgiveness rather than fear him . The fear of death does not affect us if we are close with God and if we do good . Then God will take us to a good place .

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