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    It is time to work with cooperation, not competition.

    Whether it is working on a group project for the school or being part of a team that does a business deal, or participates in team sports when you have a shared goal you can go to greater heights of creativity and success.

    Today, when the whole world is fighting for the Corona and the scientists and research institutes of all countries are engaged in making vaccines for this, it is very important that the spirit of competition is removed from the mind, it is time for everyone to cooperate to protect humans.

    The common people should also try to help people as much as possible, there is a chance to prove that we are humans and that humans are a house of emotions, which should always have a sense of help and cooperation.

    Today, the cooperation of you and all of us is important, then the competition will be held again on another day but not now.
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    Very true. The spirit of competition must be limited to active participation nothing more. Cooperation is far more important than anything. Without cooperation and collective hardwork no vision can be achieved in today's world.

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    True. The days are not so good and many people are suffering. We should cooperate with the authorities and see that we will come out of this difficult situation at the earliest. We should compete with each other in cooperating with the concerned in solving the problem. If one country is able to come out successfully and finds a suitable vaccine, it should pass on the technology to other countries also and see that those countries will also make the vaccine for the benefit of the people in that country.
    But we are not seeing that cooperation among political parties in India. They are trying to blame each other. Public is sufferring. But they don't bother. Even corruption is being seen in giving funds to the people who are suffering. Private hospitals are competing with each other in making huge money in the name of COVID 19.

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    True. In some cities there is a practice of car festival. During that time, the companies, schools and colleges declared local holiday in order to participate in the festival. Participate in the festival means here it is not just for seeing and enjoying but the people participate themselves irrespective of religion and caste in dragging the holy car into the streets of the city or village. It is said as, 'oor koodi ther izhuppathu' which means the car is pulled with all people of the city. Similarly in this pandemic period not only people but also the politicians of different parties and especially media people should participate with cooperation and not criticizing the ruling parties but they can suggest the concerned ministers without any sort of ego but keeping the citizens in mind.

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    Competition helps in individual progress while cooperation results in group development. Choice is completely ours as what we want. Do we want to progress individually and do not bother for the community and society or we take them with us in this journey of cooperation and mutual faith. In the time of calamity only cooperation and helping each other has some worth and that would be deciding the history of the mankind.
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    In big companies and organizations when the works gets decentralized and the tasks given to each people, the work would be smooth without any hindrance. When big taks are given and which has to be completed within a time frame, then many joining the work would ease the burden and the task would be completed. That is what stressed by the author through this post. Normally there would be competition between the employees to prove who is the best. This is not the race nor there are any awards or rewards be announced. Let the work be smooth and complete and that is enough for the organization to be happy with. The cooperation from the managerial level down to the section clerk is very much important and any misgiving or bad relations between them would hamper the other wise smooth progress of works.
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