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    Public money and its use should always be transparent

    There is at least one MP from the Opposition who has made her point very clear. Let the PM have his own "Cares Fund". Let him collect money from anyone. Well, that does not include, at least in principle, organizations like the Public Sector organizations and even the Railways. This is simply atrocious. But it has happened.

    Worse is to follow. No one can question what money came and how it went. There is no transparency at all. We live in a democracy and we have every right to demand how the money is earned and spent. At least one MP with spine has dared the ask the might PM the same question that millions of ordinary Indians are asking.

    I know even our own members will label me as a supporter of the Congress. Am not. I care for the welfare of the people. It pains to see anyone being exploited. It pains me to see when some injustice is being done. Let the PM come clean on public money. How much money came from where and how it is going to be spent.

    "The Nation needs to Know"! This is straight from one of the biggest media guys who excels in the worst form of chamchagiri. Yes, we all want to know.
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    Accountability and transparency are fundamental values in any democratic political system. Be it government or bureaucracy, parties, or non-governmental voluntary organizations, all are expected to be accountable and transparent to the people. The biggest feature of Indian democracy is that there is harmony between the legislature and all its major organs, a democracy. The challenge is also to prevent wastage of public money. Besides making the system effective, it is necessary to emphasize breaking the vicious cycle of wastage of public money. After getting the right to information, its use started and active citizens started getting such information from the government which could not have been thought of before. This put some curb on the functioning of the government and also increased transparency.
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    I do understand that even one rupee donated for a cause need to be accounted for. And the PM Cares fund is not private nor it accepted cash deposits from the public. When the pandemic was such huge and we know sudden help from the government cannot be possible to take care of treatment and allocating funds to the states PM Care fund was initiated. Someone even asked why the funds were not collected under Prime Minister Relief fund, which was solely created for floods and cyclone disaster, whereas the this fund is for Corona related help. The fund is duly accounted and even the spending is also totally done with fair methods.
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    There is no second opinion on this matter. Public money should not be wasted or misused. But we Indians are accustomed to such an atmosphere. The money what we are paying as tax should also be used properly for the nation. But we know how many ways te money was misused and eaten away by the people in the ruling. But we are seeing how much money our leaders made and created their own properties in not only our country but in many other countries also. We all know how much cost escalation will be done in government projects and how moner gets distibuted.
    PM cares fund is registered. The objective is to use for emergencies. The accounts are audited and the details of audits are kept in the website, unlike PM national relief fund. There is a board of trustees.. Decisoion making will be by the board of trustees in a meeting. The transparency here is much better than the PM National relief fund. So I feel money is safe here.

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    There should be always transparency in our accounting system and especially so when the fund is not the personal one. PM care fund is a registered fund and there should be the members of trustee. So each transaction should be carefully scrutinised for both ingoing and outgoing funds. Every sensible citizen has the right to know where from the money has been credited and so in case of outgoing, how such a transaction has been effected. With such a transparency in our system especially for the PM care fund, there will be enhancement of mutual growth between the government and the public and that is the healthy way of functioning of the government.

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    The author has rightly pointed out that transparency is essential in the case of public money and its use. The public should demand the Government to be transparent in financial matters. The fund in question provided exemption under section 80G of the I-T Act to the donations made. This fund does not come under RTI and no inquiries are entertained. The donations to this fund are allowed under Corporate Social Responsibility. The same concessions are not allowed for the funds donated to the State Governments for fighting the virus. Why this discrimination? Does it not put the State Governments under a disadvantage? When a fund is created for fighting the Coronavirus, why so much of secrecy is needed for this fund? A lot of unanswered questions.

    "The youth need to shut their phones and ask about the economy." This is what Mr. Chetan Bhagat said very recently in an interview. To make the Government act on the economy, it needs to see that the public cares for it. It is the duty of right-minded people to question when there is no transparency.

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    I think Govt has already intimated about the details of the money spent from this fund and as all other funds are considered this also can be checked and audited by the Comptroller General of India. So, if people have some doubt in appropriation of this fund then truth would be revealed. Without knowing that it is of no use to blame that misappropriation has been done. There are many people who are aware of the fund utilisation and if something is fishy they would pass the information to the public and opposition. How can we say that it is a secret fund. No fund is secret in India however confidential one tries to make it. Someone would bring a copy of the details spent any day and media would show it throughout 24 hours repeating every hour.
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    The fund will not be audited by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. It will be audited by independent auditors to be appointed by the trustees of the fund. On the internet, if one is interested, one will find many interesting aspects of this fund.
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    KVVR Sir is correct. Kindly check the finer details. What is really worrying is the Big brother attitude of the PM. He never listens to the people or his own cronies. He never meets the press.

    Crores are spent on his Mann Ki Bath!! What Bath is this, if there is no transparency?

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