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    Online education will not bring discipline in children.

    When the children went to school, every day in the morning, getting on the time, study, bathing, and getting ready for school soon, reaching school on time, then all the day's work were organized in a systematic way, such a systematic lifestyle keeps them fresh. And they also keeps themself strong in life. Learning to be in discipline is available to the student by staying in school and following all the rules made by the school.

    But there is a lack of discipline in the life of children in online studies, according to the situation of the time, now we are helplessness as we can not send them to the schools, but in the future when the condition would be normal, going to school for study is the best option for a child.
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    Yea, online studies is'nt quite good at maintaining a rigourous dicipline amongst kids in India. But this is not the situation everywhere in many countries hybrid education is actually the norm. So we ca'nt blame the tools themselves, Iguess it will take time for kids in our country to open up to new modes of gaining knowledge. However I agree that a face to face interaction in real life is must for student teacher relationship to blossom and real education is conducted in real life not in virtual.

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    It is very true said by the author. There is a vast difference between an online class and a regular class. You can't expect any kind of personality development of children in an online class. We can't send our children to school as pandemic situation getting worse day by day. We are compelled to teach our student in this mode only. Student and teacher face to face interaction is necessary for the overall development of children. Nowadays, we are living in the virtual world. So, how can you expect discipline? Regular school is that place where children gain knowledge as well as moral value. It is very difficult to maintain discipline without school.

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    Class room education only is the place where from we can expect discipline etc., By its genuine, online class is to make the students kept busy in learning in the bad climate of corona. Many parents are really struggling with many children to make them sit for online class. Students strong in study need not a problem as they are easily cope with online and they are submitting their answers to the teachers with good response. But the students below average and others are really struggling to cope with the online classes. Many such children are in the playing mood and diverting themselves in televisions and mobile games. It is really a challenge to honest parents to tackle such students into online. In some cases we are seeing the students thinking themselves as the parents are forcing online courses and preventing from seeing televisions, playing mobile games and they are committing suicide too.

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    Rightly said by the author. The student - teacher touch is certainly missing as many schools which could not pay the regular salaries to the teachers and offered half salaries, were now engaged the tutors as temporary teachers for the day to day payments and the children are not accustomed to the new teacher as there is no personal rapport and thus feeling someone telling something and they need not give credence. This happened in my relatives house when the child who is supposed to be the student of a International school does not sit in front of the computer saying that the new teacher is not liked as she never introduced her nor she asked about the children and their activities. Such one sided teaching from a odd person is not liked by the children and instead they want to switch off the class for the day.
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    Although the online classes are never equivalent to the normal school classes, discipline can be taught at home also. The timing for online classes is also fixed and parents can prepare a regular timetable for their kids according to the schedule of their online school and then kids should follow that time table. I am doing the same for my kid and he is happily following the same with discipline. Afterall a family is first school for kids.
    We should also be a bit linient for kids as it is really difficult for them to spend the whole day inside the house. So we should not be so much strict and can offer them some relaxation for watching tv or cartoon, etc as per their interest.


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    True. I am also observing the same. Earlier days, they used to get ready and stand on the road waiting for the school bus to come. But now they can get up just 5 minutes before the class starts. Some schools are asking the students to be uniform but some school are not insisting. So they need not spend time in getting ready and they need not spend time on travel. Even they can have their breakfast while listening to the class. This atmosphere is not making them get disciplined.
    Parents may try to be strict with the children but they can't be very harsh on them. So that is being taken by the children as an advantage. Some of the children are becoming dull also. They are not allowed to go out and play with other children. They are not able to meet their friends. All these issues are working a lot on the minds of the children. In addition to that, if the parents try to be harsh on them, they suffer badly. That is why they are allowed some relaxations.

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    Classroom education brings multifarious development in a student while online education would only bring the academic knowledge. Another big problem in online education is that the student will always take advantage of being in home and make excuses for not taking the class seriously. Parents are generally considerate for their children and in all probability the child would be slowly spoiled.
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