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    Is Cine culture spoiling Indian culture?

    Cinema, the entertainment medium has a greater influence over people from the past to present. Its's influence is so great that can draw larger impact on the society. In the past some decent movies with some moral used to be the order of tha time. But slowly this trend changed and the movies started introducing foreign culture heavily. The way of dressing , the unruly behavior of the heroes character, drinking, smoking and pub cultures shown in the movies have fully spoiled our young generatio. In a knack way the producers of these films argue that they are showing what is happening in the society. Now we are seeing how the Cine world is reeling under drug culture. Because of money power, many times top people of this field were escaped from so many serious drug mafia cases. This field only is the main cause for drug culture and pub culture in India. Do you think the Cine culture is spoiling Indian culture? Put your serious arguments for a good discussion on this burning topic at present.
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    Surely the cine culture is spoiling the Indian culture and when questioned about the unruly portrayal of the character in the films the director and the producer cite vast welcome of such stories and depiction and thus even the censors turn the blind eye. There were numerous films in Tamil down grading the Brahmin community and that is very bad as there was no protest from anyone from that community that does not mean that the producers and directors have free hand and freedom to depict the community in bad light. Even the title of the movies in those days were controversial and not a single protest from anyone.One such movie was Agraharathil Kazhudhai meaning donkey in the streets of Mada street. Mada street is the four street around the temple and temple tank. Such movies really brought bad repute to the brahmin community.
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    Certainly. Not only cine culture but also television serials nowadays killing our culture as they please. Many years before, there was a tamil movie named 'penn' in which the rights of women was emphasized with etiquette level. But in 1984 a tamil movie came in the name of puthumaippen in which the heroine acts as one lady can live without help of husband. In 1986 a tamil film came in the name of mouna ragam in which the heroine torturing her innocent husband in the thoughts of her died lover. After such films came to society many illicit lovers are popped in the cities and villages as such illicit loves are not crime. Even in today television serials, many violence and revenge found, villains are found in the same house to ruin the family etc.,
    I am wondering how these types of society killing serials and cinemas are allowed without censoring or the censoring people are doing their job by tying their eyes with black ribbon?

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    There is no second opinion about it. The cinemas are making a lot of damage to society. Mainly youth will have a lot of impacts. They will have a favourite actor and whatever that actor does seem to be good for him and practice all those issues. In this process, they will end up taking all their bad initiatives and get spoiled. They never understand the difference between real-life and reel life. This is spoiling many people.
    TV serials are also doing a lot of damage. These serials are teaching many unknown methods for deceiving the people within the family. Sometimes they go down to such a level that we can't imagine such situations in our lives.
    As mentioned by the author in earlier days movies are giving some good messages to society. But these days no movies are coming with such messages. When we say this, young people say movies are not for teaching us but for entertainment. As long as the producers get some money they never hesitate to take such movies and release.

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    Thinking about the film industry, these things come to mind these days? If you think in a positive way, then a source of entertainment and a stronghold of art and culture. If you think in the negative way, then the base of nepotism, countless negative thoughts including the shop of Bollywood mafia. Nowadays the film industry is also in the discussion that the actors who we consider as role models and inspiration of youth on the big screen, they are slaves of such habits in real life, which is also inappropriate for civil society But in the changing times, where there are big changes in the thinking of the society and people, the lifestyle of the people is also happening where big stars have started recognizing the slavery of forced and dirty habits. These habits are alcohol and other drugs including drugs. Now things have started floating on everyone's tongue that Bollywood is intoxicated by drugs and drugs and due to this, the careers of Talletons are risking. The image of the film industry has become such that people have started feeling that with alcohol, drugs and patient acting is the biggest reality of their life, which they try to hide, but cannot hide.
    Swati Sharma

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    Cine culture had always affected the society in myriads of ways in the past and still it is affecting the masses in many respects. However it varies from individual to individual also whether they pick good things from a movie or pick up the vices. As regards the fashion trends and styles are considered the young generation is always inspired in those things and try to copy or mimic certain dresses or mannerism of the stars. Mimicry artists are born in that way only. The young mind is easily infatuated with these things and not all but some of them who pick up bad traits from the movies and cine cultures are spoilt also.
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    When we were in our school days, the bell bottom fashion was gripping the youth as famed Hindi film stars like Amitabh Bachha, Dharmender and even villains used to wear the bell bottom pants .Though initially we felt that much cloth were used at the bottom for nothing, when other friends were following the same fashion we also stitched the pants in that style, Then came the big collar shirts which were looking ugly for the first time to wear but when it became the fashion statement, every youth were following the same. So these are impacts of film Industry on the society and youth.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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