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    If the God has time to listen to you, do you have time to pray God?

    When we are happy and going in the life, we never think of God or thank him for any favor and take it granted that all the success and achievements are surely through your hard work and no divine intervention at all. And when we confront with the problems and challenges only we would bring the thought of the God. Whereas we want the God do listen to our woes and demands always, but we never give the time for God at least 10 minutes a day. What is your take on this. Do you think God intervention is the false expectations?
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    I don't say that all people will be like this. I know many people pray to God daily without asking for any favour. I do pray every day in the morning for an hour minimum. It is a daily pooja and this is for making our brain cool and calm but not with any specific problem. I feel many people will be doing this.
    But many people will indeed remember God only when they are in difficulties. They offer something in return to God if their is fulfilled. They think God will also think like a normal human being. But they never understand that whatever has to happen will happen with the consent of God only. I don't think He will change the course if we pray him and offer Him something.
    God will help us in keeping our cool and he will give a good mind so that we can find out a suitable answer to our question. If we feel that we can sit in dark and God will show us away, that is wrong, But by praying him and believing him he will show us a method to come out of that darkness.

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    The author is right to some extent because many people pray to God only in trouble or sorrow, but it is not right to do so. A man should always remember God while working, using every moment in life. Wherever there is an opportunity, worship God with mercy, love, and compassion. Chant the name. Live every moment by doing good things and remembering God thank you for every moment of life you live because death always revolves with you. By the way, mantra and chanting are also a form of prayer, it helps a person try to fulfill his or her own will. But it would be also the best prayer to God to truly speak from your heart.
    Swati Sharma

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    The elders kept our names in the remembrance of God but even we call the child with pet name and not real.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I personally feel that such queries actually goes against the basic concept that God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. On the one hand, we believe that God is all-powerful, that he is present everywhere and that He knows everything and on the other, we have developed this habit of conveying our feelings to him time and again. Doesn't it appear to be ironical? Praying to God is not on the demand by God. It is for our own satisfaction that we do that. I don't think God has asked anyone to construct Temples, Churches, Mosques or any other place of worship for him. He has not demanded that we need to thank him for all the good things happening to us or that we should register our problems with him. All such practices are definitely man-made. We all share our woes with God because he does not ask questions. We feel relieved and at peace after sharing our burden with that unknown power whom we (believers) consider to be our last resort.

    So, let us keep on praying and remembering Him for our own satisfaction and peace of the inner self and be not worried that he might feel bad that we did not thank him when we were doing good. Let us simply believe in the Super Power without trying to decorate him with human emotions.

    'Knowledge is knowing what to say. Wisdom is knowing when to say it.' -Anonymous

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    Why doubt on the hearing of God? God is always hearing our prayers and requests. A child is asking his father or mother this and that. Father or Mother is ready to give the child as he requested only if he is eligible for that at that time. One may be eligible to have a house in his or her lifetime but she or he will get the same at that time it has been destined to have. Similarly we can ask anything to God, but if we are eligible for that we will definitely get it. We cannot expect God should come in person and give to us but He will give us only in the form of other person whether we know him or not.
    Further we all christened the name of the God to our children only with a purpose of uttering the name of the God frequently. But we failed to do so, as we christened our son as Raman but calling him as Rammu.

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    We must love god at al times , whether god or bad . Even at these hard times god is leading us miraculously . God always answers our prayer and he never rejects them . I wake up everyday at 5 AM and ask for his mercies . He has never let us down . So rather than asking him for blessings , we must ask for his love and grace upon us .

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    God is a great concept as it relieves us from all our anxieties and problems because once we believe that He would help us then the responsibility is transferred to Him only. That is the reason why in our scriptures it is said that one has to be the real devotee and leave everything in His hands. Now the interesting thing is that a real devotee has to be selfless. He cannot ask God to cure his ailing wife because he had offered a few lakh rupees in a temple donation box. God does not work on those terms and condition rather He might be angry with such people who want to buy His blessings. So, understanding God is not an easy subject and He does not have a shop where one can buy favours. No, that is absolutely a wrong notion in the minds of greedy and selfish people. Then the question arises how to please the God. There are many ways - help the poor, teach the orphans, do not fight with each other in the name of religion, and many such things that help the mankind to survive on this planet.
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