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    These days working from home is not working for home.

    In the software industry, work from home system was there earlier. Some companies were allowing their staff to work from home sometimes as the employee is having some necessity to stay back at home. The employees used to avail this facility once in a while. They are able to attend their personal works also on that day.
    But now, many software engineers are working from home only and the companies allowed them to take their desktops or laptops to their houses. Some companies even allowed them to take their chair also to their house and they are paying for the internet also. So far everything is good. But the workload has increased tremendously and these people are not able to have even their food on time. The employees are on their system for almost 14 to 15 hours a day. I noticed this with my two sons. Both of them are software engineers and working from home. They are getting bored and saying that going to the office and working there is much better than working from home; That is why I say these days working from home is not work for home.
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    The author is right, my sister has also been working from home for many days and she is also having many problems,
    Most of the employees have to work from home due to Coronavirus infection. He has been working from home for more than several days and now by working continuously, their patience has started responding. Some companies in the world are creating Leave Bank and some companies are encouraging their employees not to work during lunch. Some employees are under heavy stress due to working from home. Employees constantly working from home are feeling exhausted all the time. Employees are also going through a state of mental fatigue more than physical fatigue.

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    We cannot say all organisations grab work from its employees like this. But some companies do not hesitate to drain the services from its employees by allowing them to work from home. Many employees are suffering like this without rest gap and even gap to go to toilet. It is mainly because the employer or manager or team leader do not aware the situation of the employees at home.

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    My dad has been working online for months now and he feels drained out because of the amount of work they give him . He feels exhausted and it pains me to see him that way . The company should cut cut some slack and take care of its employees because the hours are long and the pay is terrible . This is because of mismanagement of the companies.

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    What I have observed from the new normal situation of work from home , the employee has been put into more work pressure and asked to complete the task by the end of the day. If the office is open, they would be consultations and conversations across the table and the matter is sorted house, and now the connecting employees has to be online and work with tandem to arrive at the solution. Moreover the new and fresh employees who are joining recently are asked to be trained by the experienced candidates besides looking after their own task and the group. So invariably every IT employee is working more than the stipulated hour and what is more laughing matter is that the desk manager is sending mail as to why the employees are still on line and they should not work beyond the stipulated hours.
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    This is an interesting thing to note that employees though working from home are not getting time to even eat their food properly. This is ridiculous as they must be saving the to and fro time to the office plus lunch and tea time in office. One reason could be that companies have intentionally loading them feeling that they are in the home having all the comforts etc. Still it is not understood how suddenly such a rise in work load has taken place.
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    I agree with the author's view. Due to this pandemic situation, we all are compelled to restrict up to four boundary wall of houses. So, most of the companies especially, software companies have allowed their employees to work from home. So, many employees have been working from home for several days. They are feeling more pressure compare to work from the office. They are getting bore and feel more stress in a home environment. Workload has increased. Even they are not having lunch and tea properly due to workload. Many health-related issues have arisen due to continuous work on a laptop.

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