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    Who is more successful in career the specialist or the generalist?

    Today, many people are going for specialisation in some niche area to make a better future in the industry by becoming a specialist and slowly becoming an indispensable person in the workplace. It could have its own merit but at the same time there are so many who simply qualify in some administrative entrance exam and manage things and make a good career and even rise to big positions in Govt or even are leaving the Govt job for a big position in private industry. They are simply generalist who know a little bit of everything and get the specialised things done by the specialists. Who in your opinion is more successful in life and career - the specialist or generalist? Which one you would prefer personally? Pleas give your views.
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    What is success to you maybe just an ordinary thing according to me. Specialists are successful in their fields of expertise and those who are not a specialist can always be successful in managing the specialists. The position one can reach in any organization depends on many things and it cannot be said that only specialists can reach the upper rank. While working one should have a goal to reach otherwise there will be a little progress in terms of rank in any organization. For example, a junior manager must aspire to be a senior manager within a specific time and after reaching the target the aspiration should be to move up and work sincerely to reach the goal. If one doesn't set a goal then a junior manager will remain a junior manager for a long time and others who joined much later than the junior manager will be able to attain a higher rank much earlier. It all depends on whether one has the aspiration to reach a goal or not. If one doesn't have the aspiration to reach a higher position and thinks that she/he is successful enough in life and career with the present position then also it's fine. The term success depends on how one thinks success is.

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    Specialist should function as specialist and in no way they should act as generalist. This is because the inconvenience is to the patients only but not anyway to doctors. A doctor who was a generalist in our area earlier, later changed himself as eye specialist. After functioning as specialist, he, on request of public changed himself as generalist. Without knowing this I went to him once for eye check up, I have to wait for more than two hours as he turned into a generalist there were many patients in the hall. Then I moved to some other eye specialist.
    Moreover, the generalist doctors should welcomed in residential areas as he/ she may be turned into a family doctors to some people. We normally should keep one generalist doctor as our family doctor and we should go to him only for all our family members and only on his advise we should move to specialist. This will enable the family doctor to suggest right specialist for the patient as he /she knows the health as well family background of the patient well than any doctor.

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    Specialists always have the say in any area of their representation and in fact the generalists would leave the final decision or call to the hands of specialists to decide. For example every hospital is heavily dependent on the specialists of respective field and the final decision is left to their decision and the duty doctors who are generalists cannot take firm decision. Even in companies though the top management decides the out come but the final say would be from the market feedback and by the expert advisers. Even the government heavily depend on the expert committees being set up for various investigations and frauds and it has to take decisions based on their suggestions and tips. So these proves that though the generalists would do the spade work and create a space for the specialists to take the final call.
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    The success of a person depends on the individual and his aspirations. Any specialist will be successful and at the same time, a generalist will also be successful. In some cases, both may be failures. A person working in a small company may aim for a job in an MNC and work against that and once he gets a chance in an MNC, he feels he is successful. But after reaching there if he is not able to prove himself, he will be a failure. So one who should make his goals from time to time and try to achieve them. Then he will be successful in his life. We should not think we are successful just by going a step ahead. A continuous struggle to attain the goals will make a person successful.
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    A specialist is generally happy working in his specialised field and is well contented. He has a respect and reputation in his field and is well known in the industry circles and is called in important conferences or seminars. That is his area and he enjoys his work. He might not become the CEO or Chairman or Director of a company but is happy in his own way. On the other hand the generalist cannot fit in a specialised job position as he has no expertise in that but he can fit in managerial role anywhere in the world. That is the advantage for the generalist that he can fit anywhere except the specialised work. Generally generalists rise in their lives to the highest position because they are supposed to guide the people from top much more professionally than a specialist who might not like the hassles of managing people and dealing with the politicians time to time. It is individual choice as what one wants to become and depends on the temperament of the person also.
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    It will depend more on their own interest, some people are interested that they are aware of every subject, there should be no topic where they cannot give their knowledge, it would be considered appropriate to be a generalist for them. On the other hand, there are some people who are interested in only one thing and try to make themselves perfect in that. Sometimes it depends on the situation of life whether the person is an expert or generalist. But I have noticed many times the role of specialist becomes relatively more because there are many people who would prefer to choose the expert for their special work because people believe that and their knowledge and experience is better and that expert will result with more perfection.
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