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    Turning youth power towards positivity is a big challenge.

    India's youth power is famous all over the world, today any competition of the world, whether it is world geographic competition, world mathematics competition, IT field, service, sports, anything India's youth is showing its influence in almost every field.

    But the second aspect of the coin is also that a section of India's youth is also involved in crime, misconduct or other disgusting work. The reason for indulging in crime is maladministration, lack of rites, and values ??during childhood. A far-reaching solution to all can be done from childhood itself by imparting values.

    If every youth vows that I will return more than I have received from the world, I will return more than I have received from the country or family, then he/she can achieve every goal of the world.
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    Nice post from the author. India has roughly 40 crores of youth power as on date and that includes, IT professionals. scientists, research scholars, doctors, Engineers and above all good thought having persons and some of them are misguided and even taken to the wrong path by the vested interests. Whenever there is unrest planned it is the youth who come handy for the politicians to exploit them fully because the so called leaders promise the youth that if they show performance they would be taken into party high positions. Thus youth are being lured to the wrong reasons and promises and they spoil their lives and careers. Some of them were lured to the acts of terrorism and that is much worrisome. Parents has the onus to nurture the kids in right way so that they would chose the right path of own development.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What I feel is the youths are very confused and cannot decide which is the right way for them. While in many cases they are not properly guided by their parents they also remain influenced by various of their associations. A large section of the population is poor and it is very easy to influence them with money. The population is on the rise and there is not enough opportunity for many youths to earn a living. This is giving rise to petty crimes. Those who are going to schools and continuing education are in the path of progress but those who are leaving their education midway for various reasons are prone to indulge in activities not approved by any society. The problems these youths face should be addressed but rather doing it they are exploited by many in our society. We remain mute spectators and the problem is increasing. The local administration can help them according to their requirement or punish them if they indulge in unlawful activities but they cannot work as a guide. Their parents and teachers are the main guides but as responsible citizens, we also cannot evade our responsibility by looking the other way.

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    Former Chief Minister K. Kamarajar used to address youngsters as forthcoming rulers. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose invited youngsters for his freedom force. Youngsters should participate themselves in all developments of the nation and not in politics. The present youngsters are really talented persons and their talents should not go vein. I have seen in Chennai suburbans, cleaning temple tanks, lakes in their area without expecting Government or local authorities. Younger generations should present themselves in participating developing their areas at least. If every areas got developed like this entire India got advanced in all respects as well in economy also.

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    The youth of this country are a powerful asset. We must channelize their talents in the right direction otherwise they'll end up harming our society and creating maladaptive processes. We must encourage the youth to solve real world problems in front of them. And bring about creative solutions to various problems that we face. This will turn our country into a creative powerhouse rivalling the most powerful industrialized nations.

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    I think that is one of the most challenging problems that our country is facing today. How to engage the youths? Some of them are highly educated, some are technical hands, some are ready to do even labour job, but there are no jobs for them. Some of them are ready to do some menial jobs also but there also some competition and reference is required. So, the problem is of unprecedented dimensions. Govt can make plans to create more jobs but industry is reducing manpower and installing automated machines which do not go on strike and give no labour like problems. So, the irony is that on one side we want to progress ahead but another side our increasing population and unemployment is pulling us down. It is easy to do all these analysis but there are no easy solutions in sight.
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    The population of youths in our country is around fifty crore and to lift economy, their roles are important and in fact, they are doing excellent jobs in the areas where they are engaged. In case of stoppage their work, the economy of the country would halt. They are aware of their responsibilities and are fully engaged towards the strengthening the economy. However, some politicians are misguiding students and unemployed youths to achieve their political ambitions. Ultimately, they loose every thing due to the false promise of these politicians. The youths should see the pros and cons before they are entrapped with some false promises of such politicians.

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    There are many points to be seen for this. One is the population of the country. Next point is the literacy rate. Then the earning ways. If these three problems are addressed, the majority of the youth will be positive only.
    Even in this advanced ages, we are finding kids who are not going to school for learning. Those kids are becoming directionless and some people exploiting them and making them antisocial elements. Here the role of parents is very important. They should feel their responsibility and see that at least minimum education should be imparted to all their children. Then many problems will be sorted out.
    Population control. Again here also the role of the parents is very important. Then comes the earning ways. If more jobs are created, many people can go for jobs and will have a positive frame of mind. Here the role of industries is very important. More industrialisation is important. Manufacturing and Service sector should progress.

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