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    Retired people are to be cared by their sons as well as by themselves

    Parents should be taken care of by their sons once they are retired from service. Besides this, the retired people also must take care of themselves.

    I have seen some retired people, especially male members, moving around in the house with dirty banians and dhothis as if nobody was providing them a good dress. My father used to be like that only. I bought a washing machine and told him to put his dresses daily into that for my wife to wash them and keep them ready for the next day. He agreed to that and followed it till his last breath.

    Retired persons should enjoy their retired life by wearing what they like, eating as they please, if health permits, and moving around. If their health is normal they should not hesitate to go to nearby temples and places, preferably with their wife. It is the duty of their children to take them to nearby temples or other places of worship occasionally at least, if not regularly.
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    The author is right , It is the duty of the son to take care of his retired parents . As a son myself , I have taken the responsibility of taking full care of my parents till their death . They have sacrificed so much for us , now it is our job to pay back to them . My children see how I take care of my parents and when they grow up they will do the same to us . So we should not see our parents like burdens , they must spend their retired life with peace and good health .

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    Though you have effectively discharged your duty as a responsible son taking care of the needs of your father and probably, he might have enjoyed a peaceful life with your association. But this may not hold good for most of the retired fathers.
    You might have seen the picture Bagwan released sometime in 2003 where he has played a role of helpless father. In one scene, he was seen requesting his daughter in law to provide some money so that he could replace the broken frame of his speck so that it could be used. His repeated request did not yield any result and lastly he tied the other end of his specks with a thick thread so that it could be used further.
    Though this was mere a film, but there are lot of disadvantaged parents fitting to this class. Such changes are due to selfish attitudes and their own kids are blind to the woes of their own parents.

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    I read a story in our Tamil. A man treated his father badly by asking him to stay in outside corridor of the house (the house is owned earlier by the father and on the death of mother, he took the house from the father). He provided a plate and tumbler for him made of Aluminium for his use. This was done years together. After some days the old man died and after the rituals, the husband and wife cleaned the place where the old man was kept. There they puzzled to see the aluminum plate and tumbler were missing. They searched them over the place. Their son came there asked what they are searching. They told as they are searching the plate and tumbler the old man used. Their son replied that he kept them with him. With angry they asked what for he took the plate and tumbler. The eight year old son replied," I kept them for you, daddy".

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    Retired persons should not feel that they are aloof from the family and in fact they are the pillar and elders to take the family along and give their best to the children and grand children. Normally after the retirement, the person feel that he is no more cared and he cannot demand new dress nor ask for new dish to be eaten forthwith. Since some father in laws cannot open with daughter in laws, they tend to sulk and behave in very reserved manner not maintaining their dress and looking sad and disowned. What I have seen that many senior citizens tend to save for their ultimate day of death and the expenses thereof for the whole one year. The expenses runs into few lakhs and the elders feel that the son or sons should not borrow money for their rituals and thus keep good amount in the bank for the peaceful rendition of rituals.
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    True. Retired persons should try and maintain themselves in the best way possible. The children should take care of their old parents. The people who retired from government jobs may not have many financial problems as they will be getting their pension. But many private employees will have no pension after retirement. So their sons should take care of their financial needs.
    They should try to maintain themselves in the possible best way and try to manage their days well. They can try some small works by sitting at home and can visit places of worship nearby so that they will have some good time pass. Reading good epics and playing with grandchildren will give them happiness. They should always eat by keeping their health condition in mind. Otherwise, they will become sick and suffer a lot and their children will also suffer a lot.

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    People often have the same routine after retirement, they like to spend their day in their own way. Each of their work is done at a certain time. According to their time, they get pleasure from doing their work according to their time, such as reading the newspaper, housework, talking to people, walking outside, there are many things that they like to do on their own. Anyway, when the person is happy, he also finds himself stressless. The same is true for the elders of our household. If they are happy, then they will also be able to keep themselves away from stress, while their routine is a morning walk, which helps to keep them healthy both mentally and physically. It is the responsibility of the children to take special care of their parents after retirement, but still, a person should not forget to take care of himself, your pension is your security, which you should spend to take care of yourself.
    Swati Sharma

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    Great thinking and commendable notes by the esteemed author. In our culture it was an inherent thing to take care of the elders and respect them. Unfortunately the modernisation and dismantling of joint families has taken a toll and the new generation is not tuned in these lines that the author has suggested. The result is that now we are having a mushrooming of old age homes in our country and old people are thinking to move in them if their financial condition is capable of doing that. Others who are dependent have to be under the mercy of the son and daughter in law. This is a sad and bad situation but the way people have groomed their children today that they are seeing the grandparents living separately in an isolated ways, I have little hope in this matter that same children would not treat their parents like that in future. Children learn what they see happening.
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    We had see our parents taking care of their parents and naturally we also take the care of our parents but in some families the trend is getting discontinued due to new wave of modernisation and nuclear families. People have changed their attitude towards the elderly and it is a matter of grave concern. We must remember that one day we would also become old and then who would take care of us.
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