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    Who benefits more in a closed relationship amongst human beings?

    I was wondering wether it was possible to determine who really benefits more from a closed relationship like marriage. The boy or the girl or the kids that are born. Which of these social agent has the most benefit of the afore mentioned relationship. Can you guess?
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    Silly question raised by the author. Marriage is performed only after the mutual consent from the boy and girl and firmly decided by the families of both sides. Who benefits from the marriage is very silly asking because both husband and wife do benefit from the new arrangement of marriage and if the relations continues cordially with love and affection the same couple would bear the children and they would be called a family in all. In those days the husband was the sole earner for the family and wife used to manage the house. Now a days both are working and both are educated. The earnings also almost the same in many cases and in that cases the ego sets in and one wants to dominate other and thus the peace is lost. That is the reason being the couples should stay with the elders for some years so that they understand what the family is.
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    Marriage is not a relation to look for benefits. This is a relation for life and either it is good or bad, both the partners should share that. If the wife is not happy, the husband also will not be happy and the vice versa. That is the beauty of the marriage. A family is a commonplace. Here there is no place for 'I' and always 'WE' only will be there. So there is no question of thinking that who will get benefitted. The welfare of the children should be seen by the parents. It is the responsibility of the parents. Children should understand the condition of the family and behave as per that. That is the responsibility of the children. When every one of the family conducts like this, the family will function. If anyone of them thinks about their personal benefit, the family will get ruined. Once the parents are old their children should take care of them and that is their duty.
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    I agree with Rao's view. Marriage is the basis of the family. It is made with love, emotion, relation, kindness, sacrifice and many other moral values, where there is no place of selfishness, cheating and hatred. Family is that beautiful place when a man gets tired from the outside world then goes to the family for seeking peace. Family is, where sorrow and happiness are the same for all. That family in which member start to cheat one another gets ruined. Every parent takes care of their children at a young age. Children should take responsibility to take care of their parents when they get old.

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    When Married both of them are one and both are benefited . Husband cannot be benefit without the wife , Wife cannot be benefited without the husband and the same goes for children . In every marriage there ate ups and downs , but sharing your thoughts and opinion with each other can lead to a stable marriage where both are benefited . A good family is built on trust , love, respect for one another and support . A marriage without all of these qualities will crumble .

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    You have not specified the type of benefits you want to know in this type of relationship and you have also not mentioned what is your own take on that so that we could understand the query in a much more reckon-able form. Anyway with the limited sentences you have used there I can only say that marriage is not done for benefit as it is a natural social ritual established from time immortal. If someone is doing it for benefit in terms of dowry then it a cruel thing to do. If someone is doing it for fun only and avoiding responsibility it is more cruel to do so. If someone is doing it to just produce a number of children to increase the already exploding population then it is the most cruel thing to do.
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    I do not think it is appropriate to see the benefits and benefits in the relationship, if you weigh the benefits and disadvantages of the relationship then it is a big mistake. Profit and loss are seen in business and relationships are not business. Whether the relationship is of friendship, love, or family, the relationship is played by the heart, not with the mind how your life will be, it also depends on how your relationship is, but if there is a lack of love and understanding in the relationship then the stress of the relationship has a bad effect on your life. In such a situation, if you put all the blame on those relationships, will it be right? Marriage is a relationship that we choose for ourselves after age, so it becomes a little important because it depends on us but it does not mean that we judge the marriage relationship on the basis of profit.
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    I actually meant benefit in terms of experience, not material benefits. While my opinion is that a mother gains most from a relationship ( in terms of experience) , since she sacrifices a lot, not just for her self but also for the family. What is your take members?

    Note - Apoligies for not mentioning in terms of experience earlier.

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    Not a standard question but a very silly question as mentioned by Mohan. The beneficieries are the couples as they get a person to catch hands and move along until death. They get security for each other. They meet the purpose of being a male and female. They create their own successors to follow them.

    #711010. All get experienced in life, from birth to death.

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    Well, this thread was a total bummer. Admins delete or lock this thread. Thank you

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