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    Employer expects qualitative change and not quantitative performance

    In a company when the employees are given their task and final output plans, the employer expects how fast the work is done and how good it was done. No body is interested whether you are doing quantum work or more than expected. What the employer wants that the main work in hand to be completed forthwith and other pending works can be attended after that. But some employees would not understand this and they try to work on all the pending works and ending up doing nothing by the end of the day.
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    True. Best time utilisation methods will pay rewards for you always. How many workers you have worked and how many pains you are taking is not seen but how successfully you have completed the task is considered by the employer. Some employees say that are working even on Sundays also. An employer may say that you are not efficient enough to complete your work in time and that is the reason you are working on Sundays also. So as mentioned by the author quality of the work is important. But the quantity of the quality work you have completed is also important. If you finish one task very efficiently but there are many pending works on your table. The employer will say you are slow. So both quality and quantity outputs will always add value to your career. The youth should understand this fact and get the required skills and perform well in their career and be successful.
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    Yes I agree with the author , Quality matters more than quantity . No matter how much you do, if it is of poor value it is of no use . All your precious time and efforts will be wasted for nothing . It could be in any sector namely food management , education and so on, if there is no good quality then it is a waste and a loss .

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    Employees should understand that quality of an execution has also same importance as taking up the job and completing it. For this generally employers give regular trainings also to the employees. Many employees take so many jobs at a time to show that they can handle the things in that way also but it eventually lands in a messy output and employer will never be happy about it. So it is necessary that an employee should see which job is urgent and most important from the management point of view and it is good strategy to complete them before taking up other jobs. Maintaing and adhering to quality standards requires some extra time for the activities and employee should not be rigid in completing it before time. In such cases just in time approach would be more preferable.
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    Employer would be gauging the working activities of many but they are interested with result oriented staff.
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    If you execute your work efficiently and the work is completed in time where is the chance of a job being pending? Pending job shows that the job is not completed within the time frame allocated. Though you may show your employer that the certain job alloted has been completed in time consistently for couple of days. But the pending jobs have piled up due to the additional responsibilities given to you for finishing the job offered by one of your colleagues. If you are smart to prove in that way, your explanation would be accepted. Pending jobs should be seen as piling of the jobs left by the workers collectively and while considering its origin, the root cause has to be seen so as to plug its generation.
    I think both quality and quantity are essential in the job accomplishment and both are vital in our work culture.

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    There are many companies that work on multiple processes at once and determine the parameters of quality based on the demand of the process, quantity is more important in a process and quality is more important in either, both the situation has different quality parameter sets. I have also worked as an auditor for 3 years in a multinational company and quality was more important in my work because when a processed work has to be audited, then there is no risk with quality at all. even if the production is low.
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