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    The importance of water conservation

    Clean and fresh water is an essential resource for our survival. We should realize how important water conservation is for us. A large part of this world is facing water scarcity. Several regions face severe droughts every year which results even in the death of people as well as animals.

    Although almost 71% of the Earth is inundated with water yet many parts of the world face clean water shortage. Conserving water is significant because it maintains water pure and clean while protecting the environment too.
    Water conservation means that we should use available water wisely and should refrain from wasting clean water. It's our onus to keep our water clean from pollution as every individual depends on water for livelihood.
    Water-saving is a practice followed by individuals who want to protect water by utilizing it more wisely. As we all depend on water for our survival, it is significant for us to comprehend and realize how we can conserve it for the usefulness of generations to come.

    The unexpected expansion of population in the world puts forward pressing concerns about the rising need for clean water. Moreover, nations across the globe, regardless of prosperity, are encountering heightening concerns over the availability of the quantity of safe drinking water. It's been reported that over 1.1 billion people today lack access to clean drinking water – approximately one-sixth of the world's population. Half of the kids born in the developing countries will live in homes without access to improved water and sanitation, which lays their survival and growth at considerable hazard. As a result of poor hygiene and lack of access to water and sanitation, 1.5 million children under five die every year because of diarrhoeal diseases alone.

    As a common man, we should keep our family aware of using water wisely. We should also suggest other people that they should refrain from wasting clean water. It's observed that some people waste water and leave the tap on for running water because we do not face the problem of water scarcity in our region. There are some regions in our country where water is not easily available like in remote areas of Rajasthan. Where the people face a shortage of water they know the importance of water. We need to understand that natural resources can be exhausted anywhere in the world. If it happens in our region we can't survive. The sooner we realize this issue, the better.
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    It is very important for society to come forward for water conservation. Without water, neither human life nor other species can exist. The waste that is being done by the people is not hidden from anyone, but still, people are not getting learning. Educated people also pretend to be ignorant even knowing the importance of water and do not play any role in its conservation. We can also play an important role in water conservation by keeping small things in mind. Interbasin transfers, artificial recharge of groundwater, and non-conventional methods as well as traditional methods of rainwater harvesting have to be adopted to further increase the usable water resources. Research is needed to expand these techniques so that they can be implemented in effective ways. To save water means to prevent waste of water and use it responsibly. Lack of water day by day is making this problem even more serious.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Water conservation is very essential and I learnt that the hard way . In Chennai 2019 , there was a disastrous water shortage and there wasn't enough water to do our daily activities. I regretted not building a rain water harvester. So I got my savings together and I built one and the best part is water shortage is not an issue anymore . So water conservation is a must . We can conserve water even in little ways like washing clothes manually , using low intensity taps and turning of the taps when not in use.

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    Water is the elixir of life. It is our duty to preserve it, conserve it, use it judiciously, and respect it in all the ways. Rainwater is the main source of clean water but unfortunately a large part of it goes to he seas through rivers and becomes saline and is not portable unless we again convert it back through desalination and reverse osmosis plants. In such a situation it makes sense to store water in dams and big ponds and distribute it for use of the people. Nature has given us this precious gift of great value and we must keep and manage it properly and carefully.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Nobody wise in this world as well nobody fool in this world. We have our brain according to our level. Similarly water conservation can be done even by ourselves without expecting any order or promulgation or advise from Government. We will not wait for any instruction from others or government to lock our house when goes out or lock our almirah after taking anything. We switch off our gas stove once we finish kitchen work to ensure our safety only and not waiting for anybody to tell or advise. Similarly we should not waste water on any account. I am seeing in many hotels the customers are just keep the water glasses with half drunken glass, why should not they pour the needy level of water from the jug? I never pour full glass water in hotels or anywhere and pour needy level. God's Grace, the water is not coming in the street taps. In those days we have seen road side taps are used for fetching water by the area people. Many passerby people close the tap if found overflow without minding the area etc., Our earlier TN Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha introduced the rain water harvesting system in many cities of Tamilnadu. In fact that system helped us to some extent to overcome the water scarcity. On no account we, general public should damage the road side water pipes as it causes overflowing water throughout the road and even leads to water wastage. We should never accuse any Government official or others but we should do our duty.

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    Water is an essential commodity and without water, no life will be there on this planet. No trees can survive without water. No animal can survive without water. No human being can survive without water. So we have to conserve water and see that future generations will not be deprived of life on this earth.
    About 70% of this earth crust is with water. But the majority of this water is in oceans which is very salty and not useful. So Potable water should be saved. Anything coming free will be wasted by us. So we are all having the habit of wasting water. Now slowly we started purchasing drinking water and a day may come when we have to purchase water for other use.
    Already in many places, we are seeing a shortage of water. Some people are walking miles together to get a pot of water. So we should see where we are wasting water and we have to plug those leaks and see that we will never face water sgortage.

    always confident

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    Water conservation is very much important . In this regard I came across the new idea being followed and the farmers are really conserving the water in good way. Though the farmers are not charged for the electricity in our state, some farmers want to tap the rain water for their agriculture produce and the have constructed big drench and covered the same with heavy plastic sheet all over and made the hallow in the center so that it looks like a big water tank with sheet. Now the natural rain water instead of draining out elsewhere would conserve into the big drain and the water would be even used for drinking purpose as the water that conserved were pure rain water. This idea is soon followed by other farmers and thus most of the farmers in North Telangana are following this way to conserve the water for future.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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