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    Confusion about "By the By", "By and By" and "By the Way"

    I (We) generally confused with the usage of the phrases 'By the by" "By and By" and "By the Way".
    English experts - please clear the doubt as to what are these phrases and when they should be used. Explain with example sentences.
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    I wanted to try using all the three phrases mentioned by the author in the following way.
    By the by India study Channel has been designed to cater to the needs of the student community at large but the discussion takes place here are between those who are not in schools but in jobs and those who are retired. By and by there is no objection from the webmasters and the editors, as long as the posts and discussions takes place within the posting guidelines and rules. By the way no member ever given thought about my this observation and they would surely be responding to this reply.

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    By the by means incidentally. For example - By the by we got to travel together and got introduced.
    By and by means gradually or as the time goes on. For example - By and by things would be coming back to normal.
    By the way means by chance or occasionally. For example - By the way can you tell me whether you would be coming for Saturday function.
    The first two are not much in use but 'By the way' is used much by people specially in spoken English.

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    By the by is a phrase. We will be using this when we make a comment which is unrelated to the discussion going. This will be used at the beginning of the sentence.
    By and by is also a phrase. It is used as an adverb. The phrase manes after a while or soon.
    By the way, is almost similar to by the by. Both of them will mean the same meaning.
    Example: 1. By the way, I will come to your house in a while for meeting you.
    2. By the by I will come to your house in a while for meeting you.
    3. Today it is rained heavily. But by and by, the clouds vanished.

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