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    Hi!! ISC members , I hope we can be great friends

    Hello , I didn't get a proper chance of introducing myself , I saw this option just now . Any ways hello lovely people, I am Albert Jebakumar. I am 48 years old and I am a certified trainer at Anaamalais Toyota , Salem. I did my M.Sc geology in Anamalai University. I do content writing and medical transcription on the side . I joined in ISC yesterday and I am still learning about how this website works. I hope we become great friends. I look forward to working with you all. I can't wait to get started.
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    Hi Albert Jebakumar, Welcome to ISC. This is a website where you can learn and also share your knowledge. Kindly go through the pinned threads in the forum section. And go through the Help Topics to get a good understanding on the working of this site. An important rule of this site is, there are no copied contents allowed. All the contents you post should be original. Each and every post is reviewed by the team of ISC editors and Approved/Deleted based on the quality and adherence to rules. You can follow the forum section regularly to know the contests/competitions happening in the site. Take your time to settle in this site and you are always welcome to post questions in the forum section for any doubts and clarifications.

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    Welcome to ISC, glad to know about your qualification. I have not had much time to join here but I would like to tell you that while working on this website, we not only get the atmosphere of the good work, but it is like a family where all the members give their views on different topics to each other. Here, along with sharing our knowledge, we are also learning a lot from very talented seniors members. All members and editors are very supportive. I am proud to be a member of the ISC.
    Swati Sharma

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    Hi Albert Jebakumar, warm welcome to this International happening educational site which has been at the helm of affairs for the past thirteen years and going strong. We have more than 12 lakh members spread across the world and just imagine the knowledge sharing happens between us and glad to see you adding to the list of members and hope to have good rapport and contents from your side considering your exposure in Geology and having interest in content writing. One thing is sure, this platform gives you immense exposure to the world of writing contents and getting involved with responding to others content. You will not only learn but also have the opportunity to earn because every minute spent here would not go waste as there are weekly. monthly recognition prizes for the member's topic and his contributions.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Albert Jebakumar, welcome and it is a great thing that you have chosen this platform to showcase your creative writings and knowledge and have already started responding in the forum thread. You would know about this site in details when you go to the help section and go through the various topics there. I can only say that this site is predominantly an educational site and educational matters and contents in various forms is preferred. You can take part in the contests that are announced time to time and some of the prominent sections where one can contribute are Ask Experts, Job postings, Articles, Information update on schools, colleges, institutes, admissions, entrance examinations, internship courses, training courses, career making etc. So being an experienced person, you can choose your choice from the big list and contribute in them creatively. For everything some points are allotted while for certain things you would be slowly able to generate some cash points also making some money in the process. The journey in this portal is very enchanting and engrossing that you would yourself find after some time. Patience and sustenance of contributions is the key to progress in this portal that can be seen from the profiles of the members who are here for more than a decade. So stay here for long and all the best.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Albert, a warm welcome to you to the best educational portal in India! As a newcomer, I suggest you read and understand our comprehensive guide to new members and follow all the threads and articles to which a link has been provided therein. Instead of merely browsing through you must note the points for strict adherence because ISC is a strictly moderated site and we expect our members to follow our guidelines. Please also read our various Help Topics for getting acquainted with the facilities and requirements of our site. It would be helpful to you if you make it a point to go through a few of the posts in different sections so as to get an idea about the contents we expect. The red pinned threads in the Forum index are our announcements and additions. If after reading the guidelines and other topics you still entertain a doubt, please feel free to submit a thread in the appropriate category for us to guide and help you in your steps ahead.

    It would be better if you concentrate on the forum section as a beginner before moving on to other sections. Since you are already into content writing, we hope you will be able to add value to this site with your contributions.

    Follow our guidelines and keep posting. All the best!

    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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    Wishing you a warm welcome, Albert Jebakumar. We're glad that you are eager to submit articles which we consider our main section, especially since we are now moving towards the new niche on academics . Don't rush there, though, till you understand not only what the rules are to submit content there, but also how to present them professionally with headings and use of HTML tags. You need to read the Sectionwise FAQs and Guidelines to understand how to submit content in the various sections and don't miss out on the unique features of ISC .

    Looking forward to a wonderful relationship with you as a member of our special family!

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    Welcome to this site which is a site for earn while you learn. You can spend some time on this site which will help you in improving your language. You can go through the following links which will give you some inputs about writing articles here.
    1. Good Article Writing Tips
    2. India Study Channel Article Section Posting Guidelines
    Then you can write and start submitting articles to this site. I wish you all the best.
    Please remember that forum threads which are older by more than 10 days should not be answered. This is a rule here.

    always confident

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    Welcome to this educational portal and if you have interest in creative writing or content writing then you have come to a genuine and nice place. So, I wish you all the good times in future in this portal.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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