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    Science is about discovering which already exists.

    Science is divided in to 3 broad branches - Physics, Biology and Chemistry, which are further subdivided in to specialized branches. But what I see is that whatever we discover and call it a science was already here and we have just found it through our persistent efforts.

    All the laws of physics were already there we have just named them and explained them so that it can be understood by masses. All the plants, trees, animals, etc all of them were existing much before and we have again classified them and whenever we saw anything new we added a new classification. Same goes with Chemistry, where chemicals are experimented with and nomenclature provided to them.

    There is no denying that by finding so many things we have been able to make a difference to our lives and the whole humanity but at the same time we have dound and transformed many things that pose a huge threat to the whole humanity as well, like weapons.

    Science seems more of organising and classification for easy understanding rather than discovery of something that never existed.

    There can be two school of thought about this but I see it is as more of a classification exercise from where the next generation tries to build up rather than discovery of something that never existed.

    What do members think about this?
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    Exploring new information from the matter is the way of science and many scientists are working on the issues already exists and they would make development for further new find. For example there is a vaccine race across the world and some companies lost the race and some claim that they found the basic results which can be further expanded and invented to be useful to the mankind. Oxford is arranging to test three patients of KEM Mumbai hospital soon and if this is successful, India would be breaking the news of vaccine find thanks to the effort of Serum Institute Pune.
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    Searching for something that already exists is also an important thing, perhaps because most people like science subjects, many of these students discover new scientific inventions, while other students work for people with already available inventions. Strive to improve our ways. These inventions have played an important role in strengthening us. The discovery of fire began with the invention of wheels, bullock carts, and stone tools, and then no disruption was observed. Every branch of science has its own importance.
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    The purpose of science is to explain why things are as they appear to us and why certain things are happening the way they are and that is all. In doing so scientists use models, algorithms, hypothesis, theories etc and some of them are found practically correct also. A theory remains in operation till a new theory is made replacing or modifying the earlier theory. This is an ongoing process. If Earth has magnetic field then science would try to find out its source and make theories about it. So, whatever is happening in the universe at micro or macro scales, science is trying to understand that under a comprehensive theory so that everything can be explained in a logical and rational way. At the same time scientific methods have created new forms of products using the raw material on the Earth and everything is prepared from something as nothing can be created from nothing. These are the broad premises in which scientific pursuits are undertaken.
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    In my opinion, science is to find out a logical understanding of the existing things only. We all know there is an object called Moon in the universe. Science will try to explore more aspects of the moon and try to see how we can make use of that available resource.
    If there is no science we can't differentiate between soil and gold and even we don't know how to separate it from other materials. Once it is separated, scientists tried to understand the facts about the material and find out various uses. That is the advantage of science.
    We may have many things with us. But if we don't know what are they and how they are useful to us, we can't make use of them and we can't appreciate them. Science is helping us in that way.

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