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    A lot of things we learn go down the drain.

    Whatever we learn throughout in schools is not necessarily applied in real life.

    Example, Trigonometry and Algebra I can't find a use for them in pratical or even theoretical life. Even the number of planets we learnt have changed. There were 9 planets including Pluto but now there are only 8, Pluto is no more a planet.
    What's is the use of such studies, its like teaching the fish to climb a tree.

    I am not here to discuss the education system, it must have been discussed a thousand times on this platform but want the member to share their experiences of things they learnt as student but never got a chance to apply it in real life or even understand why did we learn what we did.
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    Rightly pointed out by the author. What we learned through the books are not useful nor seen and why we learned such things in the past which are never useful and learned them for knowledge and we cannot even pressurize the present generation to follow the same. This proves that like the dictionaries are being updated and new editions brought out adding new words, the education should also be revised every year and not the same text book or the publication be repeated again and again as it would become a stale topic over the period of time and no use. Hope the new NEP would address this woe.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is right to say to some extent, but for every field, we cannot say that because every subject contributes to life in some form or the other. Sometimes it also depends on the person whether he is able to use the knowledge of his studies in his real-life or not. Regarding the nature of education, we find that this traditional education is divided into types of spiritual education, formal education, informal education, new education, physical education, etc. Freeing from all the shackles, preparing to live life, transmitting accumulated knowledge from generation to generation, etc. all come under the objectives of education. Education limited to literacy is considered incomplete. The education which helps in achieving the objective of the person and fulfilling his needs is real education.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Many academic things are never used in practical life but it does not mean that we can discard them outrightly. They are the building blocks and rudiments of one's future life as we do not know who selects which line and if someone is going to be a researcher or scientist he might use it to full extent. So, up to a certain level say class X or XII there are certain things which everyone has to learn whether that has any practical implication in their lives later or not. After that one can go to the career area. For example if one wants to become an electrician then he can do some diploma in that with the basic academic background and work for a livelihood. But discarding Science, Maths, languages, and humanities in early stages would not be a prudent thing because all of them would not be useful but if even one of them is useful for a person to make a career it is itself a big achievement.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I think up to a 10th std. students are groomed and taught different subjects to lay a solid foundation for their upcoming challenges in life. During schooling, students learn many subjects to comprehend the basic things that will help them in higher classes. After completing schooling, students choose subjects based on their interest and aptitude. And for example, those who choose mass communication or writing as their profession don't need to implement trigonometry in their field and while all engineering students do need trigonometry to implement it during their work or employment.
    Moreover, there are continuous discoveries and innovations going on. Researchers always look for novel things. If there were 9 planets and Pluto is no more a planet, this shouldn't surprise us. Because scientific innovations are unfolding many new things to humanity to learn and understand the developments going on in the world.
    So I would say, schooling equips students with the basic concepts in different subjects for a solid foundation and not necessarily to implement any other subject that is against your interest or aptitude. Because in the later stages, choice and aptitude of a student matter. It doesn't go down the drain, learning the basics lays the foundation.

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    We cannot say like this. Whatever we learn, is useful to us at the time without our expectation. If we start thinking like this, we cannot do anything or learn anything. We, nobody, can say this is waste and that is not waste. I learnt Hindi through correspondence in the year 1976 but the same helped me a lot when I happened to visit Northern Parts of India on office work, during that period of learning or my graduation, I was not aware where I am going to work. I finished my Commerce Graduation in Madurai, with great expectation of getting Bank job but got an accounts job in a private industry at Chennai. But that too only for four years, later I have been accommodated in Labour Department of another big organisation where my debit and credit did not helped me for my total service of more than 25 years. But with that I pursued M.Com as my ambition to have a post graduation in my life. We learn A,B,C etc., in schools but are we writing ABC now? We are applying the alphabets in our daily routine. Similarly the economics we studied but we applying in our daily routine somehow or other. Are engineering students applying their whole study in their job though he get a job in engineering industry?

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    But at some point , these lessons are valuable . I heard from a reliable source that Trigonometry is used to target cancer cells in tissues and is also used for robotic studies . Everything has its own applications . Schools encourage us to know the facts about them , thus shaping our interest in various fields . I would not dare to say that everything we learnt was useful , but most of our knowledge gained in school does help us one way or another .

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    These subjects we feel are not useful in our career. But a person who goes for higher studies and then to do some research work may be using the subjects studied in science and mathematics. Many advanced fields in computer programming and software development algebra and advanced algebra is very useful.
    In chemical process designs, we have to use a lot of fundamental chemistry and similarly, physics also will have many applications is mechanical designing. So what we study in high school may not be a waste. But some professions may not require these subjects. But we should have some fundamental knowledge in these subjects which will help us some times in solving some problems we encounter in our profession.
    The proposed new education policy may give more flexibility and choice to the student so that their favourite subjects can be choosen.

    always confident

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