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    Wishing well for someone and meaning it are two different Worlds.

    We are surrounded by people, friends, relatives, office colleagues who all say that they always wish well being for us and they mean it. They would even swear to it, but when it really comes to a situation when we need them, most of them turn deaf and start giving excuses.

    Most of the people, even relatives show their true colour when you are in need and especially financial need. In general everyone will wish health, wealth and prosperity but if you face a situation where you lose wealth due to bad health and ask for help, then very few will turn up. Some will say that they have some prior commitment and they need the money to pay back someone, they will help next time for sure. Some will come up with excuse that they had today only gave it to someone who asked for it, so next time they will surely help and similarly many more excuses from most, even though they have the money.

    Such behaviour of our near one's prove that they only have words that sound well but not the will to do well or help their own in times of need.

    Asking money is like a litmus test and to check our near and dear ones. We can take this test once in a while to check them whether they really mean, what they say, even when we are not in need.
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    When people talk to each other and wish and greet each other then it is a custom that has been there in the society for a long time and is considered etiquette and good manners. It does not mean that a person who talks with us politely and kindly would give us loan or money just like that. So in any society or relations or even in the close families even the brothers would think twice before giving the loan and that is a fact of life. Another thing is one has to manage in ones own resources and cannot enjoy life on the loans taken from others. If one is really serious for a business and work then take loan from the banks why from the relatives and friends. There is no confusion in the matter and there is no need of doing any litmus test because no one will part away from ones money so easily on the sweet words of ones friends or relatives. Give him some jewellery or ornaments, he might consider giving a loan.
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    Generosity , love and affection for one another are all gone away in this generation . Now people wish us well, but they don't mean it . Back in those those days when a person is not doing financially well , he is to prepare a small feast and invite all his friends and families . When they are done with the meal , they left money and ornaments under the leaf for the poor man to keep . This was how generous and affectionate people were. Now is the generation where love fades away .

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    There are people who says that if there is any problem I am there to help you and we think that they have good connections and know many higher ups and thus would bail out from the problems. Once my brother's son was caught by the traffic police for not having the driving license and yet used the vehicle. Though he pleaded that he has tested the vehicle as he wanted to buy it for the future, the police would not budge. He has not informed about this to his father but contacted his other friend to help. Though I talked to the traffic police he would not let the vehicle as it was driven without any license. Then I called my brother to attend and he had the influence at all police and traffic police level being the media person. But when my brother gone there the behavior of the police was different and cordial. This proves the approach and know how.
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    Money is the real factor which creates differences between people. So we should not bring money in between our friends and relatives. The moment money matters come between the people, their relations will get spoiled. When we ask some loan from a friend, he may be really in problems and may not be able to give it. But when he expresses his inability we start thinking bad about that person. We don't the position of the other person. He may be really in problems and might have said no to us. But we will not think that way and we feel that he has not helped us. This will increase the bitterness.
    If the father is rich and his children will expect money from the parents. The brothers and sisters start fighting for that money. Ultimately they will get separated and they not even talk to each other. That is the reason we see many brothers who are not in good relations. Money makes many things and creating differences between the people is one among those many.

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    The author's point that the relationship can be examined like a litmus paper is appropriate. Many times it has been found that when a person's time is good, he feels that his every relationship is right while his time is right. In bad times, everyone comes to give excuses, excuses for not helping, but there are some relationships that are simply connected to our life without any meaning and support us in every situation. One thing a man should always remember is that a person who supports him in bad times should never distance himself, especially in his good times.
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