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    Astronomical Digital Clock and Climate change.

    If we come to know how much more time is left with the earth. That means when things are going to be bad. When such situations will be arise that it will become difficult for humans to live. A watch has been installed in New York City, USA. It is called the Astronomical Digital Clock.

    We all know that the climate is changing, this watch will tell how much time is left with the world.
    This clock is composed by two artists, their names are Gann Golan and Andrew Boyd. They told now we have 7 years 101 days, 17 hours, 29 minutes and 22 seconds left. This data shows that carbon will increase in a significant amount over the years.

    We do not know how right or wrong this clock is, but one thing we all know is that the rising level of carbon is increasing the temperature of the earth which is not good signal for lives, so we must protect our environment by contributing more and more.
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    Climate change and global warming is an important concern for the scientist as well as people as the very existence of the Earth is under danger if the calculations and projections of global warming come true. Many companies are reducing their carbon foot print and taking measures to reduce it and there are many success stories but still a lot of work is required to be done in this matter as there are many natural as well as artificial sources of carbon emission which are required to be controlled and monitored and carbon emission is to be reduced as much as possible. Industries have a big role in this and Govt has to make regulations so that they comply with them. Many new norms are being put there which are forcing the manufacturers to replace more carbon emitting things to less through new technology adoption.
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    Greenhouse gases are let out into the atmosphere by these automobiles where the petroleum products are used as fuel. They are spoiling the entire atmosphere. Added to that the emission from manufacturing units are also causing a lot of damage to the atmosphere. Temperatures are increasing and we start using artificial cooling systems and the fluorocarbons used in those systems are increasing the problem. So the carbon content in the atmosphere is increasing. To avoid this problem we have to have many trees planted which will swallow these carbon gases and give us fresh air.
    But the world is not going to end in another 7 or 8 years. That is for sure. But one should not abuse this universe and nature. nature will have its own mechanism to some extent it will set the things right but if we go beyond a limit we have to feel the pinch.
    Try reducing carbon emission and be safe on this mother earth.

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    Though the clock composed by Gann Golan and Andrew Boyd has predicted 7 years 101 days, 17 hours, 29 minutes and 22 seconds left for the world as the climate change is fast approaching. And at the same time there are parallel research and findings as to how to prevent climate change and how to bring about drastic change in the world as regards to Industrial pollution, vehicle pollution, water pollution and even noise pollution. Daily seminars and discussions were going on through the experts and the countries which face the worst are being informed to tame their ways and live with the situation.
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