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    Should heavy rains can be told as the cause for absent to the office?

    For the past two days we are experiencing heavy rains especially during the morning and evening hours and that makes impossible to attend the office. If heavy rains are told as the reason from absenting to the job, will that be taken as the right excuse. When my son was dropped at his office by me bracing the rains, the other person has informed the office that he cannot attend owing to rains and even shared the video of the rain. Now what should be action of the manager whether to appreciate my son or give permission to other employee not attended the office?
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    These days people are not taking leave because of rains. Raincoats are there and many are travelling in cabs or cars and reaching the office. But when the rain is very heavy and people are not able to move, some people may opt for leave. sometimes schools and colleges will declare a holiday also if the rain is very heavy. When this happens once in a while, the manager may not take this seriously. But if a particular employee does this regularly definitely the employer will not keep silent and action will be initiated.
    Every employee will be entitled to use some leaves and if the person is using within that, it may not matter much. But if the employee is having the habit of regular abstention and the employee is applying Loss pay leaves, he will get adverse reports and his career may not progress well. All these will be for a private employee. The government rules I don't know as I never worked in any government office.

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    I personally think it is best to stay at home during heavy rains , because getting wet is not a good thing . Even if you wear a rain coat , who can stand the bitter cold ? People become susceptible to viral infections while traveling at a huge downpour . It lowers their immunity and prevents them from working efficiently .

    Rather than going to work in such a horrible weather , people can ask their managers for a work from home options . That is how I am working right now . You can work efficiently and also bond with your family at the same time .

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    Rainfall is a normal process, sometimes it can be less honorable or sometimes heavy, but it does not make sense to go to the office for this. The government and other organizations also have an idea of ??when the rains will take the form of a natural disaster and in that case, the government arranges itself, but it would be wrong to only cause heavy rains. Many times children also go to school in heavy rain as it is not possible to give leave in every heavy rain.
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    Mohan, I don't understand why your son should be appreciated or why the other person should not be granted leave. If you braved the heavy rains and dropped your son to his office, well and good but expecting all others to follow suit does not appear to be logical. There are many factors involved in this. The first point is whether the person is entitled to leave. Even if he is not entitled, I don't think any boss can force one to attend duties without considering the gravity of the rain, the age of the employee, his place of residence, his mode of transport and so on. The employee can also opt for a leave without pay. Yes, as Dr Rao has mentioned in his response above, it would be a different issue if the employee is habituated of taking leave for trivial matters.
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    It depends on the severity of rain as well as the person who is asking for leave on account of that. The boss would always make out the genuineness of the person just by his past history and behaviour in the workplace. So, if it is some excuse that the person was making this also would be clear. Most of the people are genuine only. But there are some black sheeps also who can always be caught standing on wrong foot.
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    Heavy rains can definitely discourage some people to go out from their houses to duty places and if it is an isolated and occasional event then the employer should ignore it but if it appears as an excuse by the employee just to go to the matinee show of a movie then it becomes a serious matter and there are cases when the employer had punished such people in some stringent ways. So, it is entirely up to the judgement of the boss to decide the case on merit.
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    We should not give rain as an excuse to attend our office. We have many means to protect us from rain with umbrella, raincoat/overcoat. Government would declare it as a holiday if it was a unbearable rainy day. We may attend to office late after the stop of the downpour. But, try to contact the office and inform the situation and request for leave and get the approval of the boss. If your request was denied and your presence in the office was considered important, reach the office by any means.
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