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    If we go to foriegn countries we can adjust but when they come here?

    Many of my friends and relatives are staying in various countries and most of them settled there itself even owing their homes and thus what I feel that we the Indians have the knack of adjusting and staying in other countries learning their language, mingling with their society and even decide to stay back there permanently. Whereas the foreigners who comes to India for sight seeing or want to settle here cannot cope up with the climate, food and the culture prevalent here which makes them to change huge and that cannot be expected from them.
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    Indians are well known for their hard working attitude and that is why many companies worldwide prefer them for job. At the same time Indians are very accommodative also in other societies and do not create any problem for them.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Even with the lesser comfort and not so liking food, the Indians adjust to their environs easily.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I look at this issue from a different angle. Why should I go and settle in a new place? India is having a thick population and people are not having chances to get jobs and have troubles in managing their lively hood. Hence they travel to other places and try to earn their livelihood. But countries like the USA, Japan, the UK etc., have job potential and people have many ways to earn. So they may not show much inclination to go and settle in other countries. We see many people coming to India from neighbouring countries and settling in India illegally as they have no way of living in their countries. So when there is a necessity, people will move, Climate, language, people's behaviour will differ from place to place. Once we move to a new place we may take some time to get acquainted with these issues. But over some time we will get adjusted. All depends on the necessity.
    Another issue is that when we go to a better place than the place where we usually stay we may feel comfortable

    always confident

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    Indians have tons of willpower which makes it easy for them to adjust in a strange and foreign land . They have the zeal to make their lives better with each passing day . Life in foreign countries is not an easy one . Indians face racism discrimination and mockery from other countries because of the way they look and because of their accent .

    Even if there are great jobs in the States , we poor Indians have to face all the struggles that come our way . Because of their will power and creativity they are able to see the world in a positive outlook .

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