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    Excuses will show our inefficiency only.

    We are attempting many tasks. Sometimes we may be successful easily. Sometimes we may have to spend a little more time to come out successfully. In some instances, we may have to put in extra energy to come out successfully. But there is no end to the road, till we reach the goal.

    But we see many people telling many reasons for their failures. Some people go a little further and blame the other for their failures. This attitude will expose their weakness only.

    If we try to understand the failure, definitely there will be a gap in our performance. We should identify that and try to correct ourselves. This attitude will make us a successful person in our life. If we try to find some excuses to prove that we are not at fault, we will not progress in our life.
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    I agree with the author , While I was preparing for my TNPSC exams , I kinda got a little distracted and I was focused on doing other things rather than putting hard work on the given task . In the end I end I failed miserably and I started giving petty excuses . I understood my failures , but at hat time it was too late and I regretted badly till now . So excuses only weakens our skills and efficacy rather focusing on the core of the problem.

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    That is correct. There is no point in providing excuses but many of us are habituated to these tactics. Many people remain busy to hide their faults and do not easily acknowledge their mistake. At times, they try to think that they cannot be at fault and it is because of other people they cannot succeed. Ultimately, if you are unable to reach your target you are the sufferer and not any other person. Therefore, we all need to be cautious and analyze the reason for our failure. Blaming others may be a momentary relief in some situations but it is not going to serve the actual purpose. We need to tackle situations ourselves. At difficult times, we may get some help from our well-wishers but we need to take the initiative to handle a situation and providing excuses will not help us to come out of the situation.

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    Many people make excuses for their failures or for not doing a work in time. They are expert in devising newer and newer execuses and even the superiors are sometimes carried away in their talks. These people should be dealt firmly by the top bosses and should also be discouraged in giving excuses.
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    The authors are absolutely right, people often try to hide their mistakes by giving excuses, sometimes even give such people excuse for bad situations and failures in life. As long as man does not stop giving excuses, he will never understand that if he had given the same time to refine himself, both success and good times would have met him quickly. Wherever you are today or wherever you are tomorrow, you cannot make anyone else responsible for this. Learn to fight the situation, not run away, and to give excuses means to run away. Mistakes or failure both are part of our life, we all are humans who always learn from mistakes but when we start to deny our mistakes and start making new excuses for every situation then it will not work. It is not an easy task to accept your mistake, but accepting mistakes can save you from any future losses. There is also an art of accepting mistakes that you must learn.
    Swati Sharma

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    What is my take on the subject is that when we can, we should and there should not be any excuse. Why there be excuse at all. When we know how to do the work, how to coordinate and cooperate with others to complete the work, then why to stop. Only by attempting we know how to progress and achieve the target. Even in the half way of the work attempt we know the result pretty well as to success or failure. When it is success you are on cloud nine for achieving the subject matter, and when you foresee the failure, never mind as your attempt itself proved that you are determined to achieve sooner or later. I am dead against those who say negativity and does not like to even make a attempt to achieve success and seek excuse . Some people would sing very well and when asked to sing at a function or occasion they plead ignorance and shy away. Then when will they display their profess?
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Instead of analysing the causes of failures, some are in the habit of blaming others for their poor performance. If they continue in the similar ways, it later turns to their habit. Instead of shifting the blames to others, they should look into the causes where they need the rooms for improvement. Once a task is assigned to you, you need to analyse the different resources which would be utilised to get success. While attaining a job, a periodical review is required to ascertain where you stand in the execution of the job. Discuss with your coworkers frankly what should be included so as to emerge successful. Taking up of a job and employing a vision how best the different resources such as manpower, differing maintenance and other inputs are to be considered cautiously so as to get success.

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